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As a follow-up to my Silverlight For WordPress plugin, I have just deployed Mark Heath’s Silverlight Audio Player as a WordPress plugin.  Thanks to Mark for changing his license to Ms-PL so that I could make this happen.  If you are a WordPress user and want to use Silverlight for audio playback, you use some WordPress macro language (in this case slaudio) and put it in.  The rendered output is like this:

Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress (collapsed)

And when you click the play button it expands:

Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress (expanded)

Again, most of the actual Silverlight work is Mark’s, so be sure to head on over to his project to thank him or if you find issues in the Silverlight player.  I’ll update the plugin whenever a new version of the player is released.

NOTE: A lot of people ask me if I’m running WordPress on this blog because of these plugins.  The answer is no.  I run the most awesome Subtext framework here.  I do have a few other sites that I use WordPress on.

To install in WordPress, simply search for the plugin in your admin dashboard under ‘silverlight’ and you will find it listed as Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress.  I’ve tested it on 2.8.5 but should work back to 2.2.x.

Hope this helps!

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