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March is here…time for an updated Windows 7 Smashing Magazine theme pack!

The March themes seem completely random to me.  I guess I expected some St. Patrick’s Day themes.  We need some more participation from inspired designers/photographers/artists!  Here is your March 2011 Windows 7 Theme Packs for wallpapers – unfiltered and uncensored – about 35 wallpapers in all.

Special thanks to TransferBigFiles.com for hosting these wallpaper themes through their great service! (Please note that these downloads are only good for about a year.)

For details on these and to see past ones, visit the Smashing Magazine Windows 7 Theme information for the specifications I used for the theme pack as well as previous themes.  Want to participate and submit yours?  Join in!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

3/4/2011 1:14 PM | # re: Smashing Magazine March 2011 Windows 7 Theme
hi i am zuha here i like your magazine so much . well u guys are doing a great job . plyz print the poster of justin beiber.
9/5/2012 11:40 PM | # re: Smashing Magazine March 2011 Windows 7 Theme
Great job! Simply amazing, I love it. But I just saw it today, because I was busy with my term paper project. But now I've done with it. I am able check the latest events here on your website. Thanks!

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