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I’ve been working on some stuff around templates lately and had my own opinions of some of the value of certain features of the Visual Studio template functionality.  What I’m speaking of here is when you choose File…New Project or on an existing project Add Item.  Both of those show you a list of templates.  When you select one most typically you get new files in your project.  It is one area of Visual Studio that is the simplest to extend and provide specific templates for your developers.

There is an option for template developers to specify what, if any, files are open by default once the template is added.  Using Silverlight as an example, when you create a new project you’ll see that the default MainPage.xaml file is opened for you in the designer.  I wanted to get a feeling of what developers thought of this functionality.  Help me with some research?

This is, of course, totally un-scientific and I just wanted to get a litmus test of what people thought of that functionality (opening files by default, not just the concept of templates).  Thanks in advance for helping out!

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3/17/2011 9:56 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
I think it is quite frustrating after the initial couple of adds. I know the projects default structure after that point and I do not need it pushed in my face every time I add one. I just want to get on with it.

A perfect example of this is the WCF project templates. A POCO, a predefined service with methods and comments already defined in a structure you should never have in a real project. Anyone who has read a little about WCF will already know this so why put it in every time...

To me it is just another example of MS catering for the new developers and not taking the professional developers seriously.
3/17/2011 12:52 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Sure. But give us the option to turn if off too!

3/17/2011 12:55 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
As a first time user of Visual Studio i would like the behavior of opening default files. But as experienced user i delete those files and create new ones.
3/17/2011 5:08 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
It doesn't really help and just becomes a major irritation over time.
3/18/2011 12:47 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Configuration is the key I think.
Default can stay as it is but it should be configurable!
3/18/2011 1:36 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Seriously, Tim, you could have asked so many other interesting questions ...
3/18/2011 5:23 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Being honest; the "pain" it represents for any project is measured just by a click on the close tab button; nothing more.

I saw that in some cases are not welcome the default parameters / comments using as an argument the experience of the target developer. I have to say that I am not agree with that and if somebody does not like what is commented in by Microsoft just delete it and it is done :)

As rl has mentioned I also think we have a lot more things to discuss that this (like the crash by memory overflow when your silverlight project is too big or also the bug that is closing the entire invironment when your style patterns are too complex and you try to use the designer in silverlight) :(

In any case when a big project is involved one of the first "top" task normally is the creation of project oriented templates or like in my specific case; the creation of some tools to automatically generate thousands of boring lines of code used by all our screens (pages).


3/21/2011 9:26 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Its good to open a new code file (.cs, etc) as this is a quick operation. However I find it annoying when a slow designer window is opened for xaml or others.
3/28/2011 5:59 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Looks like 50% is going to hate you regardless Tim ;-)

The poll being divided 50 / 50.
3/30/2011 12:37 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Hmm... Seems like a "settings option" might be the way to go ;-)
Then you can satisfy EVERYBODY at once. LOL.
4/10/2011 11:24 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
Why is it chart in Flash ?
7/22/2011 2:50 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
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7/28/2011 12:28 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
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8/1/2011 8:00 PM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
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9/20/2011 3:37 AM | # re: Visual Studio Template Behavior Research
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