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Today, Microsoft will reveal the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for download to everyone.  This builds on the momentum and feedback from the Developer Preview released in September.  I’m very excited to get the developer platform in front of you so you can see the changes and new features we’ve made available as well as fixes based on your feedback.

Along with the release of the actual bits, we’ve updated many resources for you to take advantage of as a developer, so allow me to iterate my top resources for you now…

I’m very excited to see the progress of applications that are coming in the Windows Store and even more interested to see what you are going to be building!  Please feel free to subscribe to this blog as well for XAML-related tips and tricks on the platform!

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2/29/2012 9:12 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
Why VS11 Express Beta and not full VS 11 Beta?

2/29/2012 9:37 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
@SlavoF - the full bits are also available www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/11/en-us/downloads
2/29/2012 9:39 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
And can you confirm that they (i.e. full VS11 Beta bits) can be used for developing metro-style apps on win8? With dev preview version this was not possible...
2/29/2012 9:42 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
@SlavoF - yes, confirmed. Thanks for pointing that out.
3/3/2012 2:06 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
Do you know if the VS11 bits contain the parts needed to run the Windows Phone emulator? It's know to be broken atm for VS2010 and I haven't heard about when a fix will be available, do you know?
3/3/2012 10:15 AM | # re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!!
@Tommy - they currently do not include the phone stuff...I don't know when the VS11 patch is to be released

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