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Before Windows Live Writer was even publically released, I was glad to have been an early beta user/tester of the product.  The team thought early about an extensible model and it has been my content authoring tool ever since.  It has allowed me to use *my* preferred content workflow with my cloud providers/formatters/tracking and other such plug-ins due to this extensibility.

Flickr4Writer screenshotOne of the first plugins available was one of mine I called Flickr4Writer.  It was pretty popular (as most ‘firsts’ are) and I got a lot of good feedback that changed the functionality and user interface.  Is it the best design/code?  Probably not, but it seems to have served the needs of many folks and I’m happy about that.  I put the code into the Open Source world around the same time and it never received much uptake there and only one contribution of literal code (plenty of feedback). 

I depended on an early library that was created called FlickrNet.  I contributed a few small fixes during my development of Flickr4Writer to the cause.  This has been a very popular library and I think even used in some close-to-official Flickr apps for the Windows platform.  It served my purpose fine for a LONG time…until 2 days ago.

Because Flickr4Writer was pretty much complete and ‘bug-free’ for the mainstream cases, it hadn’t been touched in years and there was never any need.  I felt no need to fiddle with code at all that didn’t need to be messed with.  Another factor also was that Live Writer plugins are pretty locked on .NET 2.0 for loading, so there was no real incentive for me to move to anything else.  Two days ago I started getting emails that Flickr4Writer was not working anymore.  One writer sent me a very kind note detailing what he felt the problem was due to the recent API changes required by Flickr.  One 27-June-2014 the Flickr API went SSL-only and pretty much all my code broke.  Well, to be true, the version of FlickrNet I was using no longer worked.  It was time for me to update.

I spent a few hours today switching to the latest FlickrNet library (and using NuGet now since it is published that way now) and take the time to switch over all the now-obsolete API usage my app was using.  I hit a few speed bumps along the way but got it done.  I sent the bits to a few of the folks that emailed me and they indicated it was working so I’m feeling good about publishing it.  So here is the update to Flickr4Writer, version 1.5 and the steps:

  1. Close Windows Live Writer completely
  2. Uninstall any previous version of Flick4Writer from Control Panel on your machine
  3. Run the new installer for Flickr4Writer by downloading it here.
  4. Launch Windows Live Writer again
  5. Go to the Plugin Options screen and select ‘Flickr Image Reference’ and click Options
  6. Step #5 should launch the authentication flow again to get new tokens. 
  7. Pay attention to the permission screen on Flickr web site as you will need the code provided when you authorize
  8. Enter the code and click OK
  9. Resume using Flickr4Writer

This worked for a set of folks and a few tests I did on my machines.  Performing the re-authentication is key to get the updated tokens for the API usage for this plugin.  I apologize about making folks uninstall/re-install but the installer code was one thing that was really old and I just didn’t want to spend too much time getting that working so I just created a new one.

I’m really glad people find Flickr4Writer useful still and I apologize for not having an update sooner (I actually didn’t get the notice that Flickr indicates was sent out…probably in my spam somewhere) but I appreciate those users who alerted me to the problem quickly!

Hope this helps!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

6/30/2014 1:49 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
hi tim!
thank you so much for this update!! your plug in is very helpful for us bloggers.
more power and again...thank you!!!
7/3/2014 1:39 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Hi Tim. Great plug-in. I went through the update instructions above but when I go to use the plug-in, it crashes LiveWriter. I just received an update to LiveWriter but it didn't help. Also did the usual reboot, reinstall the new plug-in etc. The authorization works fine, just when I click to insert a Flickr image I get a popup saying "Windows LiveWriter has stopped working...".

Any thoughts?

7/5/2014 10:12 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Thanks for the update!!
but I also met the "wlw has stopped working" problem. Every time I click the plugin and it crashes...
7/6/2014 4:32 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Thanks so much for the update, Tim. I use your plugin daily and really appreciate the time you put in that benefits us all.

7/6/2014 6:04 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
I did the update too and after reauthorizing and going to add an image it crashes writer on trying to browse the images.

Love this plug-in and hoping another update will resolve it.
7/6/2014 8:41 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
@epon - I believe I found the bug and published an updated installer and updated the link. Get the latest from: github.com/timheuer/flickr4writer/releases/latest -- apologies for the issue, but thanks for reporting it!
7/21/2014 7:40 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
I tried using your updated installer in the link above, but the plug in is still not working for me. Every time I hit search, it goes into idle status and nothing comes back. Do you have any solutions for this?
7/31/2014 11:16 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
hey tim I'm getting same screen....nothing comes back.
8/9/2014 4:46 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Hello and thx for your great app.

Sadly same here, Status IDLE and nothing. I keep authorizing the app but nothing change.

Windows 8.1


8/9/2014 4:55 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Hello, Found how to make it working !

I uninstalled Flickr4Writer
I deleted FlickrNet.dll and SmilingGoat.WindowsLiveWriter.Flickr.dll from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins"
I reinstalled Flickr4Writer
I authorized the APP
I tried a search Aynone + Tag, found some photo!
I Tried with my account and Photoset -> it worked.

Hope this can help

8/14/2014 12:53 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
THANK YOU!!!! I didn't realize how heavily I rely upon this app until it was gone... and my blogging came to a standstill! Sincere thanks for making it work again!
8/28/2014 10:12 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Hi Tim,

First of all, I'd like to add my thanks to everyone else's: this is a very useful plug-in and I use it a lot. Thanks so much for developing it.

I have reinstalled the new version, and I can see my photo sets and select photos from that, but I cannot search by tag in my photos, and nothing comes up in My Images. In fact, photo sets are the only bit I can use. Is there anything I should be doing differently?

Thanks and best wishes,
8/29/2014 4:14 PM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Thanks for trying to fix your plugin. Since the change, I can't get "All images" to work for a specific user; only photosets. I also used this plugin with multiple flickr accounts for multiple blogs. Since the change, after I auth with one user it works ok for that user. Then I try to auth for the second user which also works until I try to pull images from user1 again then it errors out with "This user has preventing blogging of their content"

ideas? I can reauthorize each time I try to write a post for each different user/blog. This has seriously destroyed my blogging workflow. Any help is appreciated.
9/10/2014 2:44 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Hi Tim. Great plugin
thank you so much for this nice update!! your plug in has been very helpful for my blog, thanks again!!
9/21/2014 8:05 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
Thanks for your update, writing with Flickr photos is alive again.
11/11/2014 4:15 AM | # re: Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions
I hope you can help me. I can't seem to see the pictures on my flickr account. It just won't show. Am i doing something wrong?

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