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Here are my current Silverlight book recommendations…

Get Microsoft Silverlight

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7/7/2010 3:13 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
The control looks nice but, since I started coding, I didn't find any use for actual books. Though I accept that some people might find it more comfortable to read from paper, the content is really old on release. Mainly if you talk about Silverlight where a new version is released faster than a book is writen, reviewed, printed and released.
8/13/2010 11:05 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
I agree with Ward. Pete has done a great job and making in very sweet at the same time. I'm also looking forward to read Laurent's book. That's going to be a heavy book :-)
10/23/2010 10:46 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
Silver light is a lovely program and I often work with flash applications.In these days I am working on a web bot designing and I want to know that how a bot can read flash applications.
11/7/2010 10:54 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
Another thing that is wonderful about this book is that it actually helps us understand what is happening inside the computer. For example, it explains what the CIL (Common Intermediate Language) looks like and how it works. It explains in detail how the garbage collector. However, unlike most books, the author discloses the information in layers, like layers of an onion. Do not dump all the content at a time like most books. He plays a theme, fashion club, and shows examples. But then explained on the same subject in later chapters. That makes the book much easier to understand than programming books.
11/19/2010 3:42 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
After covering the basics, Silverlight 4 in Action dives into more advanced topics such as web hosting blog, MVVM and WCF RIA services. I'm only halfway through the book so far but have found it to be very thorough and easy to read
12/7/2010 4:16 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
I'm reading the PDF of Pete Brown's,70-646 (SL 4 in Action),and am mightily impressed. Lively, thoughtful, opinionated prose,642-832 The requisite "how-to" of course but I admire the "why to" even more,642-642 I don't mind that we sometimes differ,640-863 The win for both author and reader is in the engagement.

12/21/2010 6:26 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
The chapter on Styles and Templates was a bit light of, particularly the section on online dating. There could have also been a section on how to do some of these things using Expression Blend. The book finishes off with examples of creating Silverlight apps using dynamic languages such as Python and Ruby.
12/30/2010 12:19 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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1/13/2011 8:21 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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1/19/2011 12:41 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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1/31/2011 2:58 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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1/31/2011 3:01 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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2/2/2011 2:31 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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2/7/2011 5:34 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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3/1/2011 3:39 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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3/10/2011 9:20 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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3/16/2011 10:15 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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3/28/2011 9:17 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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4/7/2011 10:58 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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4/19/2011 11:50 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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4/28/2011 4:25 AM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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7/21/2012 4:26 PM | # re: Silverlight Book Recommendations
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