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Tagged: humor

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Festivus 2009

A bit of a diversion from tech… When we first moved into our current neighborhood, my wife and I wanted to really change how we interacted with neighbors from our previous neighborhood (which was your typical, drive in the garage, close it before anyone sees you).  We lucked out with a great neighborhood and quickly made friends for both us and our kids.  My wife was even able to really form a tighter knit community around things for stay-at-home moms and a babysitting co-op.  It’s been real fun. We decided the first year to host a holiday party. ...

Add humor to your OPML

I subscribe to a lot of feeds.  I read a lot of them, and a lot I skim.  But I also make sure I subscribe to things that break up my day.  Here’s some of my favorites if you haven’t seen them before: FAILblog.org – the classic.  All things wrong. AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com – stop right now and subscribe.  When I’m feeling down I go here.  Seriously.  I’ve also had a photo of my sister I’ve been threatening to post there. UgliestTattoos.com (warning some NSFW) – I’m am seriously amazed what people put...

Technology, Social Media seeping into my home

All your base are belong to us. The year was nineteen ninety something.  A strapping young chap entered the world of technology.  With overpromises from tech leads, undertrained programmers, and caffeine, there was nothing we couldn’t conquer.  Or something like that. I’ve pretty much been in technology all my “professional” life…save it being a small sting of leadership consulting right out of college that a totaled car at Duquesne solved that decision for me….but that’s another story.  I’ve grown up around programming, I’ve programmed like the worst of them and I am a better person for...

A humble reminder about what it’s really about

[Warning: A total, off-the-grid post for normal topics here] Today, after 2 pretty long days with my kids while the wife was out with friends, I had lost a lot of patience.  My daughter fell asleep in our bedroom as she does sometimes, and I was preparing to bring her into her room.  I usually go into her room first and get it all ready so that I can quietly just pick her up from ours and put her in her bed. Tonight as I did this routine, I pulled the sheets back and discovered something poking out...

Geek sounds, a classic keyboard

My new team does a lot of video conferencing (I think ScottHa has a picture of our last meeting somewhere on the internets).  I’m still getting used to it a bit, and network latency gives me the willies when there is such a delay in audio or choppiness.  Nonetheless I like being able to “see” people, so I haven’t written it off just yet. My last 1:1 meeting with my boss also reminded me of geek sounds.  After talking about something he was going to fire off a message to another colleague to connect some dots.  So he paused and started...

The Silverlight Song

From the recording studios who brought you No More DLL Hell, Dan Wahlin and Spike Xavier (seriously, you have to meet this guy…you’ll get a contact high from his energy just standing next to him), they’ve collaborated their geek music skillz again and bring you “Silverlight – The Song”: It’s a shorter one than their previous, but man if these guys are writing music for Silverlight, there must be some passion :-) tags: silverlight,wahlin,spike xavier,dwahlin,no more dll hell,silverlight song

second second life

one of my favorite network shows is 'the office' (other than that i think the reality shows suck.  damages (on fx network) season finale was pretty decent by the way, not great, but decent. anywhoo... it seems second life is making it's way all over the entertainment world.  apparently csi:ny had second life on it and then on the latest episode of 'the office' my favorite character (other than creed), dwight shrute, pursues second life.  in his words: "second life is not a game...it doesn't have points, scores, it doesn't have winners or losers." (jim: 'oh it has losers') dwight then goes...

the ultimate twitter vanity

when you really want someone to follow you... put it on a t-shirt.  custom tees from reactee. maybe this one is better:

nick burns and web 2.0

some labor day weekend humor.  rerun last night on saturday night live was the first episode installment of 'nick burns' the company computer guy.  circa 1999, nick knew how important web 2.0 was... forward to 3:43 for a choice commentary tags: nick burns , saturday night live , javascript , aol

office space is a drama, not a comedy

saw this from phil haack and thought it was funny...i'm a big fan of office space, but if you've never seen it, you for sure would think it was not a comedy! tags: humor , office space

feel sorry for me

here's how hot it was today in hell phoenix, az: that's right...see the "Out. temp." -- i almost melted.  seriously.

tivo and aol

while chatting with someone earlier commenting about television, i mentioned that 'if you have a tivo setup the season pass' -- his response was priceless: show me a tech guy who does not have Tivo and I'll show you an AOL user priceless.  thanks for the laugh kevin.

web 2.0, i got it at best buys

this is way too funny not to post.  chris pirillo gets a telemarketing call from an it consulting company, which is clearly outsourced...and this proved to be one reason why your outbound sales calls might not be a good idea...seriously, spend the 15 minutes to watch this...it takes three people to explain to him what web 2.0 is... tags: web 2.0, pirillo

act now: preserve festivus

an insult to mankind is happening in my area.  no seriously, it is.  a radio station i listen to announced a concert happening soon in the summer...and they are calling it Festivus for the rest of us.  i think i nearly caused an accident on the 101 when i heard this...my car swerved and explicatives were flying all over the place. that's right...festivus in mid-summer.  clearly the peak (98.7) couldn't be doing such an injustice to festivus?  (note: for those in phoenix and know my musical taste, i listen to 98.7 because it is the least suckiest for me on...

travel tip #137

so it's not really #137, but it sounded better than #1 and i didn't want to set myself up for a complete list, so my mental brain told me pick a number...(it's been a long morning) a while back i read chris' travel tips/realizations (here and here)...a few of which i've adopted.  while on another trip with woodyp a while back, we were chatting about hotels and such and i had been woken up earlier than desired because of the light coming in through the window.  i was commenting on how no matter how much i try to close the...

some tuesday entertainment

humor: entertainment:

apple vs. vista ads

they keep coming don't they.  personally, i crack up when i see them.  i, like others, share some feelings that i wish they would be more accurate in their advertising comparisons (like the fact that apple has a UAC feature themselves!...or perhaps that some hackers feel vista is more secure). i just saw on adwatch that three more just came out -- again with some inaccuracies -- so i went and saw them online...got a chuckle again.  i was *very* surprised with the comments on the post though...people basically telling apple to start to "think different" as their ads are...

advertising panels need service packs

i was walking in our local mall the other day and noticed that they have completely done away with the standard poster advertising and hired a company called "eye" to install huge plasma displays and rotate advertising on them -- it is much more eye-catching (as the ads are dynamic) and much more appealing.  i walked around and saw one the other day: looking closer here you go: nice.  well, at least they are running windows :-)

decrapify your new pc

one of the things that i think we all hate with pc's purchased oem (original equipment manufacturer - dell, hp, etc.) is that they come pre-installed with about 8,038 programs that a) you didn't ask for and b) likely don't need.  in recent conversation sharing with some friends who also regularly play nick burns, i heard a story of a brand new vista machine (which has really good built-in firewall/spyware protection) that also came with mcafee protection suite.  essentially, every internet request was going through two layers of firewall...yikes.  every computer i've purchase has had step 1 being "fdisk" or...

humor: so i pull out my keyboard and i pull out my glock...

...and i dismount your girl and i mount /proc... (warning: some f-bombs here) tags: geek humor

email signatures...and headers?

a while back hanselman blogged about email signature etiquette..and i found it somewhat amusing what people put on the email signature.  scott posted mine, which i try to keep very limited.  today, i got an email inquiry about sharepoint...and i noticed it had a "header" -- which i found amusing :-) here it is: i just got a kick of the classification and caveat headers.  so if it was classified...would the entire email have been redacted?

separated at birth?

or at least by a letter online...got an email from Timo Heuer (www.timoheuer.com) -- i wonder if he's my doppleganger as well? anyhow, Hallo Timo! Willkommen zu meinem blog. Viel Dank!

should i cash it?

i couldn't help but laugh when i saw this in our mailbox today... that's right -- a legit check for $0.00, zip, nada, nil.  i really want to see the teller's reaction when we 'cash' it...would they just take it from me and say "have a nice day?" -- and what would they do if i asked for a receipt...

real technology heroes

well, i've been a huge fan of the budweiser "real men of genius" (renamed from 'real american heroes' after the world trade center attacks) commercials.  my personal favorite is the "mr giant taco salad inventor" ('a 12,000 calorie salad...brilliant').  it gets me cracking up every time.  sadly i have them all on my zune playlist as well. anywhoo... the guys at stupidcubicle.com put up a site for "real technology heroes" and i'm cracking up a bit as well (of course, major geek humor here...your wife will be gazing at you like you are an idiot -- much like mine is...

back dorm brothers

a little humor today.  you may remember about a year and half ago the two chinese friends/brothers who were the famous youtubers with their backstreet boy spoof.  what?! never heard about it, well take a look:  these guys are still going strong and getting popular as ever...there are blogs and tv appearances, even a "live" show all there other videos are at http://barryispuzzled.com/funpage.html and if you read chinese you can view their blogs/site: blog official site wonderful.

go beyond vista

i was in my local mac store (or is it apple store, i keep forgetting what the appropriate term is, i guess it is apple)...i was in my local apple store today and saw something funny. first, i wasn't buying a mac, not that there is anything wrong with that.  i was getting a slim case for my laptop for short trips (my bag has become cumbersome).  i like that the apple store stocks a lot of options, something other stores don't. anywhoo...upon checkout i noticed the current t-shirt for the store employees...i like how their ad campaigns blend into...


i've always been curious, is the worst first class seat (1a) better than the best coach class seat?  well, i used to think the best coach seats were the exit rows because of the leg room, etc. (actually i still think that)...so when booking a recent flight, i noticed the exits were still available -- and this was a 757...so i picked one.  27F. here's my knee: and here's the flight attendant seat directly across from my other knee: bottom line: if you are on a 757, avoid 27F!

tag-o-sphere: my five things

so, mr. cate did it to me and sent me the chain letter. here you go... I don't like chain letters.  I never continue them :-) yeah yeah bah humbug My "formal" education is in criminal justice...of course if you consider "formal" being that of skipping classes and barely squeeking by because you were having too much fun in college. My USGA index is 8.4 My retirement goal is to own this scuba shop in cancun in 5 years (although that 5 years continually is a rolling 5 years). I proved to myself that the internet was powerful when i started...

video services: aol and service announcements

i'm sure you've been seeing these television advertisements all over for aol's new video service.  they really have been pushing it a lot.  the ad features ed bundy (c'mon let's be real you don't know his name either) in a public service like announcement...talking about how all this video on the internet goes unwatched each year.  personally i think the approach is a bit tacky (a bit of a mockery for the charity foundations), but maybe that's because i first saw it while watching 'United 93' which was commercial free sponsored by AOL -- i just thought they might have...

wii + motion = broken lcd

at the phoenix barcamp i had an opportunity to look at the new nintendo wii console.  the facility has just about every console (except an xbox 360...hmmm).  some of the guys from integrum technologies had one in their office and were raving about it so they showed me the ropes. i have to say, i was quite impressed.  the graphics looked...hmmm...like nintendo if that makes sense...i still felt i was in super mario land versus some street in project gotham...but i guess it is a different target audience. playing around with the remote was different...it's a mouse essentially communicating with...

not an ipod: misrepresenting a brand

while in a local walmart the other day i walked by the very visible ipod display (yes, the zune one was there around the corner and equally as impressive).  i noticed something not right in the "completely remastered" display case: see on the white disc, that is not an ipod.  i chuckled and then felt bad (only for a nano second -- pun intended).  a consumer who might not be as educated (and yes i actually did witness some people talking about 'the cube ipod nano' after looking at this display) misinterpreting this display. ipod and apple are strong...

no tinsel? no problem...festivus.

each year, my wife and i hold a friends/neighborhood party to celebrate the holiday season (yes, the holiday season that stresses me out like you wouldn't believe). at any rate, this year we held our 3rd annual festivus party.  what's festivus?  well, if you are a true seinfeld fan, you'd know.  in one episode (episode "the strike") of seinfeld here was the exchange: Frank Costanza: Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there...

carny art

over thanksgiving, my family went to san diego to get away from the heat (yes it was still 91 degrees in Arizona on Thanksgiving -- although it has now dropped to highs of 67 now...beautiful).  one of our stops was seaport village -- just a little tourist trap area in san diego.  i took my daughter to ride the merry-go-round.  this thing had been around since the 1800's -- crazy. while on the ride i noticed the interesting artwork: yeah, my thoughts exactly.  the 1800's must have been lonely :-).  i just saw this and thought it was...

it's me...i'm the bobblehead

one of my favorite episodes from the office (us version) is when dwight receives a bobblehead of himself. well, you too can now have that luxury. www.whoopassenterprises.com delivers fully custom bobblheads at $115 (US) each. priceless. tags: the office, bobblehead, bobble head, dwight shrute

jackson is the crow?

saw this picture of michael jackson at the world music awards...and couldn't help but think he is wanting to become the crow:   tags: michael jackson

'cable guy' appointment scheduling

file under: poor customer service and planning i'm sure you've all had the infamous 'cable guy' scheduling thrown at you by your actual cable company or another vendor...you know the "between 8am and 12pm" type stuff?  yeah, basically the "we'll get there at some point" mentality. my dishwasher broke.  we called for a service appointment (still under warranty).  this particular service company only services my area on thursdays...no problem, i can schedule around that.  the appointment time they give me?  between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  ouch, that hurts.  that is double-worse.  "we'll get to you at some point, but...

what goes better with zune? another zune

check out the recommendations from target.com when adding a zune to your shopping cart -- the suggested 'better together' is a white and a black zune... i guess they are really pushing the community aspect of zune to the limits, making sure you can share music with...yourself. tags: target.com, zune, microsoft zune, ipod

this isn't your windows 3.11 solitaire

over 2 years ago i posted some images of how from first versions of windows to present day windows xp, the application of solitaire hadn't changed... with vista, the 'killer app' has undergone a wpf-ifying makeover.  scale graphics, high-resolution decks, new animations (i haven't won yet to see what happens). anyhow, an update nonetheless... tags: windows vista, vista, solitaire

carl franklin has competition

okay, so everyone knows carl is talented...it's clear from one of his latest entries into the mtv generation with the vista slip song. well, lookout carl, competition in the geek musical arena is on the rise.  latest entry? dan wahlin and spike xavier.  inspired by years of development, carpal tunnel syndrome, and buried in the world of technical acronyms, they bring you a new type of music, Hevay .NETal and here's the first release: DLL Hell. oh yeah, geeks unite. tags: dll hell, .net, wahlin

linux is dead

i don't know what happened...i was reading an article about how the cost of linux and windows are roughly the same and the next thing i know i see this photo on the internet... there may have been some huge riot or something, but the penguin has bought it. tags: linux, penguin, humor

my mac and least priveleges

the concept of least priveleges (LUA, UAC, non-admin, whatever you want to call it) is nothing new.  windows vista implements 'user account control' which even as an administrator on the machine (read: someone in the administrators group), with uac on, you still have to authorize certain actions.  personally, for consumer users, i think this is a great thing...for developers...well, jury is still out for me. anywhoo...my wife and i have a 4 year old who is getting too smart for her own good (just turned 4 going on 18).  we have a mac at home and we bought a few...

modern terminology

i'm always amazed at how cogniscent i am of things when i travel.  as i sit here on the plane i wonder why the heck the flight attendants still refer to it as a lavatory.  i mean, i get it of course, with regard to the avaiation terms (just like when i'm diving it is port/startboard as opposed to the left/right).  but, for real, can't we just say bathroom/restroom?  heck i'll even take water closet. i think at home i'm going to start saying lavatory and just see how my family and neighbors react. excuse me tim, where's the bathroom?...

social networks, ownership and consistency

who really owns a social network? when we moved into our neighborhood, my wife decided to rally some troops and organized some women around the 'hood for various reasons.  she started a babysitting co-op where the currency is popsicle sticks and communication is done via a yahoo group.  you need a babysitter for 2 kids for 3 hours?  send a note to the group and within hours (usually minutes) you'll have someone willing to take you up on it...that will be 6 sticks please.  it has worked out great and is totally self-sustaining.  the neighborhood has virtually free babysitting for...

voice command recognition

i've been playing around with some voice recognition stuff and decided as a test i'd leave my phone on voice announce for a few days to see what it does.  this has helped me learn a bit more about windows mobile 5.0 features, laugh a lot, and learn how voice command/text-to-speech determines certain things. i'm reminded of the onion's hilarous radio bit about "voice-activated gps system takes top gun soundtrack fan into the danger zone." here it is: powered by ODEO pretty funny (at least to me). here's just some dump of what my experience has been so far with...

a tool for your gullable family and friends

well, i decided to play around a bit with the new visual studio tools for office second edition that was released today.  a while back (actually at codeslam before the microsoft mvp summit), i was talking with richard Hundhausen about some ideas to code about -- he needed a good one.  he came up with the idea of an outlook add-in for those people who keep thinking that bill gates will send you $5 if you forward the email to 11 of your friends. an add-in that would simply scour snopes.com to see if it is a hoax.  i decided...

email jokes

oh my gosh, i don't post jokes that often, but this is so true to form...should i send it to my family to help remove me from their spam lists? :-) tags: blaugh

random: check your hygene at the gate

i haven't traveled in a while, so when i went on a recent trip this past week, i wasn't sure what the experience would be like in light of the recent threats in london, etc. i had heard that 'no liquids' would be allowed on the plane.  i was only on a trip for overnight, so i just had a change of clothes and my overnight kit (which has toothpaste).  so i decided to ask if it needed to be checked...i was assured it did, so i checked it. as i browse through the airport i see tons of people...

random: rubiks cube solving with one hand

um, yeah. and check out some on the related videos too...

send me an internet

i've been reading about the aol snafu about releasing search data.  if you haven't caught that yet, aol released some search data from 650K subscribers (wow, i didn't even realize people used aol search -- i'm assuming that is all from aol subscribers only) for research purposes.  while they removed account-identifying information, it was clear that any intuitive person would be able to sift through the search results and identify trenst based on same user -- thus increasing probability of identifying that person. aol has retracted and removed the data and offered an apology without trying to evade their logic...

movie stars in the desert

universal studios is filming a movie near my house the past few months.  well, okay, they've been building the set (which i originally thought was some serious low-rent housing) since april, and started filming in june. my house is the pushpin on the bottom, the movie set is the one just above pecos road -- about 1.5 or so miles away what's been interesting about this whole process is a few things.  first, queen creek isn't exactly the mecca that attracts stardom.  we've been trying to figure out *where* they stars (which namely are jennifer garner and jamie...

about to be scammed on ebay

it's sad to say, but yes, i am knowingly (i think) about to be scammed on ebay.  i started looking around for some new geek stuff.  naturally i look to ebay for some ideas on pricing, etc.  i see this auction about to close in 20 hours with no bids and no reserve and an unbelievable deal (complete with pictures and everything). being the skeptic, i look at the sellers rating (or more appropriately their 'feedback rating').  generally, as a rule of thumb, this can be a good measure of how active/new/etc the ebayer is.  this seller has a rating...

vista water instead of glass

i'm on our campus and we've got some new cans of water in the fridge...hard to see a bit: windows vista branded cans of lemon lime...mmm vistasty tags: vista

some cool interactive sites

a friend of mine who's a designer/developer type of fella turned me on to some interesting links today, and i thought i'd share. first, Max Kiesler -- a 'strategic designer' -- he has a ton of posts on ajax designs, etc. -- interesting reads for web developers second, is computerlove...a fun site, but as a golf fan, here's one of the links (in case it isn't on the home page when you visit) that i thought was awesome: a phantom5 digital camera (4000 shots per second) captures tiger woods' golf swing.  very cool. and design 101 for programmers :-) tags: ajax, atlas, web2.0, tiger...

Valleyschwag Shipment #2

the latest valleyschwag shipment came -- check out the goods! tags: valleyschwag, web2.0

hey kitt, come save my career

my wife desperately wanted to watch the new nbc talent show thing.  i reluctantly set the tivo (repaired after a new hard drive from weaknees.com). while feeding my newborn tonight i watched it.  or tried to. (note: what follows is what is commonly referred to in the english language as an ‘opinion’ — it is mine…feel free to differ.) i cannot believe that show exists.  find america’s best talent?  in what category?  apparently juggling, horn honking, snapping fingers, singing, magic, comedy, and stripping all in one!  how can you honestly find the best talent when you are mixing all the genres together (don’t...

you see, i got a high score tonight..

...and i just wanna save my game... tags: humor, geek humor


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