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Download Windows Live Writer June 2008 Preview

Hot off the press, a new drop of Windows Live Writer was just released.  Get it here.  This is one of my favorite tools from Microsoft and the update brings a few new changes. First, I’m happy to report that Flickr4Writer and S3Browser still work fine and require no adjustments.  The other thing announced today from the Writer team is an updated SDK.  This new SDK includes a new type of plugin which enable plug-in activity for pre- and post-publish events.  Some of you following me on Twitter may have noticed something every so often that said...

s3: my possible new storage location

so at tech lunch wednesday here in phoenix, after lunch i sat with hamid and scott for a bit and we were brainstorming about a few things.  one of which was storage, then we got on the topic of amazon's s3 solution.  i had started to look at it before, but then never got the time to go back.  essentially amazon provides storage via a web service (there are no tools provided by them, just an api).  i said that i mainly use flickr for the storage and that i'd only use it if i could get a direct url...

windows live writer updated

well, one reason i haven't updated tag4writer (which i now consider to be an archived project -- at least i won't be touching it) is that tagging support is now added into the latest refresh of windows live writer: the tagging support now included was exactly the direction tag4writer was heading with exposing the templates for configuration, etc.  you'll notice the tagging support in writer has some cool memory-sense (intellisense-ish). along with tagging support, here are some other updates: blogger beta categories changes improved startup improved style detection and some others... learn about all the updates and...

calling all plugin developers!

the windows live writer team has just announced that they will be supporting a new section in the windows live gallery for writer plugins.  this is a great opportunity to get your plugins ready for primetime and ensure that you are listed in the directory.  jeff has been doing a good job keeping track, but now he won't have to worry about it :-). submissions aren't automatic, so be sure to review the criteria.  namely, you need to ensure that you are putting them in an installer package (apparently the preferred is an MSI - more on my opinion here)...

flickr4writer: another update you will want

okay, so one thing was bothering me about the flickr retrieval and sizing for thumbnails, the performance. so, i implemented a background worker process and wow, what a difference in the user experience. please get this 1.1.60817.1 update instead of the other...trust me. tags: flickr4writer, windows live writer, windows live, writer, flickr

flickr4writer: updated build

i've updated flickr4writer with some changes in functionality and some suggestions from users. you can get the updated build and release notes on the flickr4writer codeplex site. tags: flickr4writer, codeplex, flickr, windows live writer, windows live, writer

microsoft and open source

there's been a lot of coverage lately about open source and microsoft projects, namely sparked by the 'death of ndoc' postings all over the internet.  this has caused me some pause to reflect on why...and i'm not sure i have the answer, but it is just interesting to see the surroundings discussions on this. here's one comment i found interesting (speaking on ndoc, etc. -- tools ported from java tools)... The big difference is that the ports are usually maintained by a single person or a very small team whereas the Java tools have a thriving community supporting them...

windows live writer plugins: flickr and tagging

okay, codeplex projects approved!  i've just uploaded the plugins (binary setups and source) for the two plugins i wrote for windows live writer. here's a brief description of them. Tag4WriterA *very simple* content source plugin for enabling quick insert of formatted tags using a URL template.  This one is simple and could be converted to a smart content source for better usability.Codeplex Project: Tag4Writer Flickr4WriterA simple content source for browsing/inserting images from Flickr services.  Enter a user name, click search and view pictures.  Currently does not support uploading (hoping that another extensible model from Writer will enable that, but could...

hacking windows live writer

i've gotten a few comments privately about some questions and thought i'd offer some opinions here. first, regarding my flickr/tagging plugins.  again, i've chosen codeplex to be my source of distribution/collaboration and i'm just waiting for project approval -- hopefully i'll get it shortly and then the plugins will be up there in no time. now, on to the hacking :-) i should point out that windows live writer is beta right now and they've acknowledged more work to come.  still, it's an awesome tool and kudos to the team, especially joe for championing some of my feedback :-).  because...

enter windows live writer

it's official! for the past few weeks i've been able to use a new tool just released, called windows live writer.  at it's core, writer is a blogging client (i'm sure there will be other uses for it in the future, but for now, this is what i use it for).  after seeing the announcement of the tool, i was skeptic.  YABC is what i thought (yet another blogging client, for those not familiar with the YA* acronyms). but i bleed windows blue, so i installed it.  i should point out at this point that i amwas a blogjet...


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