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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution from a parent’s perspective

“This is the first generation of kids expected to live a shorter life than you.  Or...you guys can start kicking some ass.” – Jamie Oliver. There’s been a show running on ABC recently…about 6 episodes.  It’s called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  It appears to have been taped during the fall of 2009 in Huntington, West Virginia (which evidently was selected because of high child obesity data).  The show absolutely has a bit of Hollywood, a ton of editing, but I don’t think anyone can doubt Jamie’s (and the producers, who also includes Ryan Seacrest) intention to get...

My holiday movie watching

I did my best to disconnect for a 2 week+ holiday at the end of this year.  It’s winding down and while the kids are napping (and the wife) I am bored and thought I’d post my list of movies I watched this break.  Having a full-time job that also happens to be your hobby plus two kids doesn’t leave a ton of time for theater going.  So this holiday I maximized my Netflix subscription both in DVD and (mostly) online instant watch via my XBOX.  Here’s some of my favorites.  The Yes Men –...

A humble reminder about what it’s really about

[Warning: A total, off-the-grid post for normal topics here] Today, after 2 pretty long days with my kids while the wife was out with friends, I had lost a lot of patience.  My daughter fell asleep in our bedroom as she does sometimes, and I was preparing to bring her into her room.  I usually go into her room first and get it all ready so that I can quietly just pick her up from ours and put her in her bed. Tonight as I did this routine, I pulled the sheets back and discovered something poking out...

Diversifying your hobbies

I’ve essentially only had 3 hobbies: computers, golf and SCUBA.  The latter is quite a bit hard to maintain living in a land-locked state in the desert.  The second (golf), however, is very easy to maintain, but long past are the days of free golf that I used to enjoy while working at a golf course and being a part of golf teams.  I now have to actually pay for it :-) -- and sometimes it isn’t a priority to want to go out in 120 degree weather and play golf (although that’s usually when my friends and I go). Computers...

Geek sounds, a classic keyboard

My new team does a lot of video conferencing (I think ScottHa has a picture of our last meeting somewhere on the internets).  I’m still getting used to it a bit, and network latency gives me the willies when there is such a delay in audio or choppiness.  Nonetheless I like being able to “see” people, so I haven’t written it off just yet. My last 1:1 meeting with my boss also reminded me of geek sounds.  After talking about something he was going to fire off a message to another colleague to connect some dots.  So he paused and started...


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