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Smashing Magazine February 2010 Windows 7 Theme

it’s that time again…beginning of a new month!  That means that Smashing Magazine has released their monthly wallpaper pictures again. As you could expect, February entries are full of a lot of Valentine type stuff.  Here are your February Windows 7 Theme Packs for the wallpapers though…including all images (note: some ‘without calendar’ images are not provided by the authors) unfiltered. Smashing Magazine February 2010 Windows 7 Theme (calendar) [58.2 MB] Smashing Magazine February 2010 Windows 7 Theme (without calendar) [51.8 MB] Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper: February 2010 (original post)...

Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper Themes for Windows 7

Below is a list to links of my Windows 7 themes that are based on the Smashing Magazine monthly desktop wallpaper posts.  Simply click on your desired theme pack (you must have Windows 7) and it will run.  These themes all use the default Windows sound themes (minus the start navigation) and are set to rotate every 30 minutes.  You can adjust those settings to your liking after installed.  They also use the 1920x1200 resolution pictures from the post as the maximum/best provided for each author. January 2010 February 2010 ...

Smashing Magazine January 2010 Windows 7 Theme

One of the cool features of Windows 7 is the theme packs that are available.  I’ve been rotating between Bing’s Best, United States, Italy and Russia themes.  Great photography (and some have cool sound packs too). Each month Smashing Magazine, one of my favorite online subscriptions, puts together a set of desktop wallpaper for the month with calendars on it.  These images are from various worldwide contributors.  Smashing Magazine is primarily a site for design (and does focus a lot on web design, etc.) and is a great resource for any one who appreciates design aspects.  They also provide...

Get inspired for web, photography, anything – SmashingMagazine.com

If you’re like me then you probably are more geekier than you are artistic.  I don’t think of myself AT ALL as a designer, but rather one who appreciates both good design and good user centric design.  You may look at this site here and say it doesn’t, and that is okay…I’m trying my best :-). But often I find that I need some tweaks, icons, templates, application design inspiration for a Silverlight application, whatever and just want to do it myself.  I’ve found the one place now where I start to look and be inspired: SmashingMagazine.com.  If you’ve...


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