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Coded UI testing for Silverlight 4 now available

In the release of Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2 one feature that might be interesting to Silverlight developers is the introduction of support for the coded UI test framework and Silverlight 4 applications, specifically: Use Microsoft Test Manager to capture and playback action recordings for Silverlight 4 applications Create coded UI tests for Silverlight 4 applications with Visual Studio 2010 Premium or Ultimate There are more features in the feature pack (see link above for more details) but also some videos to help you understand these features.  Here’s a video of the...

Silverlight Media Framework 2 released–integrate with Live Writer

Yesterday (7-Jul-2010), the Silverlight Media Framework v2 was released on Codeplex (yeah, it’s Open Source).  If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a Silverlight framework encapsulating the best practices for media playback for Silverlight applications.  It is both a framework and, in v2, they also provided compiled simple player XAPs that you can just drop in HTML.  If you are building apps, you’ll want to take a look at the framework in more detail, but if you want a solid media player experience grab the players too. Since I use Windows Live Writer as my blogging tool, I...

Using Silverlight Media Framework for simple playback

If you aren’t aware of the Silverlight Media Framework, you should take a look.  This is a media playback framework for Silverlight that is based off of a lot of best practices from such implementations as the NBC Olympics, Sunday Night Football and others.  It has a lot of features built-in to the framework such as: Logging DVR-style features Fast forward Slow motion Media Markers etc Basic stuff plus some great included features and extensibility points. Missing Features...


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