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Managing service references and endpoint configurations for Silverlight applications

You’ve written your service.  You’ve written your Silverlight application.  You Add Service Reference to your application and got the client proxy code.  Your app ‘works on your machine’ and you push it out.  FAIL. NotFound. Crap.  You forgot that your service reference had your local URI endpoint in there and when you moved it to staging and/or production it failed.  You start cursing Microsoft and the Silverlight team and add to the threads in the forums or perhaps initiate a new wishlist item for the team and throw it out on Twitter and encourage votes. ...

Visual Studio SP1 and Silverlight tools

Today Visual Studio 2008 has released SP1 which not only brings some fixes, but also is an added value service pack, bringing some new functionality to WPF as well as enabling a “client” deployment pack of the .NET framework so that those deploying .NET framework with your client applications can have a much smaller footprint (by about 80+%). With the release of SP1 for Visual Studio 2008 today, the Silverlight team has also updated their tools for Silverlight 2 Beta 2.  Read again: a tools update for Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is needed and available for you.  If you install Visual...

SharePoint guide for Visual Studio Extensions released

In February, the SharePoint team released a Visual Studio extensions kit for SharePoint development.  Just recently they released a user guide complete with samples and walkthroughs.  The sections include: Starting out in SharePoint Development Walkthrough of the VS extensions Team Site project Blank Site project List Definition project Web...

visual studio 2008 (orcas) releases in november

it's official.  at teched barcelona, soma (developer division executive) let the crowd know that microsoft will release visual studio 2008 and the .net framework v3.5 by the end of november! this is really great news for early adopters and people wanting to get a jump start.  as to 'when can i get it' is a good question.  "RTM" or release-to-manufacturing is the process which software makers seal their bits, close out the version, whatever you want to call it and call the project milestone done.  as to when it gets into developers' hands depends on the distribution channel.  usually enterprise subscribers...


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