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My move to free HDTV – Part 3 – Progress Report

It has been six months since installing my initial infrastructure to move away from paid television and toward a goal of free, digital/HDTV broadcast in my home.  On my last post - My move to free HDTV Part 2 -- it was about HD HomeRun to the rescue for a tuner solution to broadcast to my chosen infrastructure. To recap, my goals: To get free network channels in HDTV quality To broadcast to my two primary rooms To enable DVR capabilities My setup includes the following: ...

My move to free HDTV – Part 2: HD HomeRun to the rescue

In my previous post on moving to free HDTV, I had talked about my desire to change our home television “stuff” in an effort to remove basically a bill that we weren’t taking advantage of at all.  Part of the irony in this whole exploration was that by the time I figured out a solution, the whole digital-TV-signal-broadcast-rule-thing was going to happen.  Luckily, I received some good advice and product suggestions. If you read the previous post you’ll notice that I acquired a Philips MANT940 antenna from Walmart.  $38 investment not bad.  I crawled up into my attic space...

Line Rider rides on Silverlight 2

One of probably the coolest casual ‘games’ I’ve ever seen is Line Rider.  It’s a fun game, but really gets exciting when you have an artist behind it.  Basically it’s a blank canvas for you to draw a route for the main character to hop on his sled and ride.  Sound lame?  Not when you see what some have come up with.  For example, here’s a very popular ‘ride’ on YouTube. Well, the Line Rider team has recently modified their beta version and implemented in Silverlight 2!  They’ve also added some social networking integration using Live Messenger and the ability to...

Write code for a chance at an XBOX

One of The Code Trip sponsors, InnerWorkings, has teamed up to have a coding challenge for developers.  This is open to everyone to participate.  The winner gets an annual subscription to InnerWorkings as well as an XBOX 360 game console. If you aren't familiar with InnerWorkings, consider this a shameless plug.  I really do believe in their product as it is a unique learning experience from what we traditionally have (i.e., lab manuals with step-by-step instructions).  They have a wide catalog of topics including ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, CSS, etc. for organizations to choose from.  You really need to check them...

halo 3 launch in phoenix

thanks to those who were able to make it to the pre-launch event for halo 3 in phoenix!  i hope everyone had a great time being the first in the valley (of the sun) to play the halo 3 game and rock out to some guitar hero.  we had about 55 people for the event plus some staffers.  i know the building access was a pain in the arse, so i appreciated your patience getting in the building. we gave away 5 xbox 360 elites, 3 copies of halo 3, guitar hero set, halo 3 watches, flash drives, etc.  everyone was...


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