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loke pointed to a new device from htc being announced today for the uk market.  it's called the "touch" and is a new windows mobile 6 device.  probably my only huh moment is looking at the specs and not seeing support fro HSPDA/UTMS (3G) for the networks...odd i thought.

but it is going to come in a wasabi green color :-)  they have a new UI they call TouchFLO that you can see on the main product site at http://www.htctouch.com -- their advertisement on the main page of htc.com right now is a pretty good one i thought -- hits the right emotion (kind of like the blackjack ads did).

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beta 2 of windows live writer was released today.  go get it.  improved user interface, improved blog support, some new functions...you know all the good stuff you want in an update.  oh yeah and continued extensibility.

i took a quick second (after doing a little RTFM'ing [thanks charles]) and uploaded a custom manifest to my blog.  why?  because when in writer sometimes i want quick access to things about my blog (stats and such).  so i took a minute to "subtext"-ize a sidebar extension to writer...see:

i've got the nice little transparent subtext icon in the back and two custom buttons taking me to my various stats.  additionally, a link directly to the admin functionality.  i'll be playing around more with this stuff later.

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that they must scale their betas even...of all the stuff they have and all the scale they've already proven, when will they learn?

trying out their new stuff (google gears and mashup editor) i got this on the mashup editor page:

seriously, FIX YOUR ERROR page -- for a company that seemingly gets some level of ux, their failure messages are horrible, no links to direct me anywhere, no sitemap, etc...this does not pass the mother-in-law litmus.

and then installation failures abound on the gears installer...because their installer doesn't take into account proxies.


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hey mac users, educate me...what's a media center equivalent for osx?  i'm not talking apple tv -- i'm talking to receive television signal on my mac...

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well, i'm sitting at sky harbor airport waiting to get on a plane to head to dallas for the day.  the plane is supposed to depart at 6:50am (it's 6:32am as i'm writing this).  about five minutes ago, the pilot of the aircraft just walked to the counter and made an announcement.

he couldn't figure out the public announcement system, so just started shouting.  he gave first an informative update about a weather issue in dallas, and then went on a personal rant about how we were being mistreated because there was no gate agent, etc.  he was pretty harsh on his own airline...and i was surprised...encouraging people to write to the ceo of the airline to tell them how horribly they were being mistreated.

i first appreciated his update (the gate agent arrived mid-rant with the latest information), then was a little disappointed with how he was talking about his company...i felt like he wasn't even giving them a chance.

i've been traveling quite a bit lately and have seen so many unruly passengers treating flight attendants and agents pretty bad.  in my travels i've come to realize, *most* of it isn't the airline fault.  we take air travel for granted.  if there is such a bad weather situation, do we have the right to be so angry at an airline who made a decision in safety to ensure nothing happened?  sure the world isn't perfect, and neither are the airlines...but let us give them a break!

oh, and the pilot?  well, he went behind the counter, continued his rant, shared some explicative banter with his co-pilots...he lost my respect immediately.