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have you been looking at sharepoint (yeah, yeah, okay "moss")?  wanted to add some ajaxified love to those new interfaces?  or perhaps some of your own web parts.

take a look at some comments from on the topic.  in a recent post, mike talks about integrating asp.net ajax with sharepoint (see he doesn't even use moss).  there are some tips on extending the sharepoing web.config with the appropriate elements, yada yada.

in addition to that, writes about the and provides examples and code for you to use.

with these two resources it should be enough to get you started -- or at least thinking.

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i've got a few questions a while back on what i use for screenshots for my blog as well as for other areas (documentation, etc.).  i know there are a lot of popular programs out there, namely snagit, but i settled on a recommendation from scott hanselman and have been using .

sure in vista, there is a snipping tool, but i've not found it to be as efficient as winsnap which is smaller than paint.exe in size!

i recently started using the latest version of winsnap and figured i could integrate my other photo tool of choice () into the mix.  for me, the screenshot thing has always been a multi-step process: take the screenshot, save image, upload to .  well it dawned on me that i could use the same command-line interface that i use with and integrate that into winsnap...and boom, two clicks to heaven.

here's what i did...first use winsnap -- it is awesome.  it's light and fast.  it has subtle, yet effective post-shot image manipulation that you can use.  i keep it in my system tray and run on startup.  i also make the default screenshot be a "region" so i can precisely capture what i want.  the latest version also does vista aero glass well.

first for you need to install and ensure you authorize the application (read: run it once and upload a picture to your account).  in winsnap go to the tools...customize option.  basically create a command like this:


then basically when you take a snapshot, you can change the settings then hit (in my case) ALT+3 and my window comes up and sends directly to .  sweet.

if you do a lot of screen captures either for your blog, bugs, or documentation, check out for sure...it's great.

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virtual pc 2007 is now available -- go get it

note: if you have a vpc saved state file in an older version of vpc, i have seen oddities where it may not work, so heads up.

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when i start writing code, i like to get 'in the zone' -- and i'm sure all you developers are no different.  you want to enter a state of bliss and utter ignorance of any world other than that between your eyes and the screen of squiggly lines and foreach statements.

well, usually i help get in this developer "rem" state by using music.  for me, ambient music is almost essential.  sure, i like the occasional heavy metal to really get the motivation going, but at the end of the day, i found myself concentrating on the song more than the code.  i was getting into the music a little to much.  the band tool, however, keeps me going -- i find there method of music soothing enough to enjoy while not wanting/needing to concentrate on the tunes of something like metallica, or black sabbath.

now, where was i...oh yeah, ambient music.  well, a little known fact (above and beyond my 5 things) is that i love music.  perhaps it is because where i live (arizona, united states -- very big latino culture), but i also think that the mariachi is one of the more talented pieces of music you can listen to.  the number of instruments, the choreography of the sound...oh man, it's wonderful.  perhaps the best part aside from enjoying the music is the fact that i don't speak spanish.  i have no idea what they are saying so i'm not distracted!  pretty much any latino/cuban music is awesome for this purpose.  one of my favorites is buena vista social club -- very, very good.  for some mariachi with some speed...look for the song el cascabel performed by  (unfortunately the video cuts the harp solo which is friggin amazing)...you'll be amazed and how one of the band members picks on what essentially is a mexican harp.

other music i like are "lounge" type music like that found on www.smoothlounge.com internet radio.

however, recently i have been really sunk in to a composer who i didn't even really know about.  i watched the lady in the water recently and while i'm still figuring out if i liked the actual movie or not, the music really soothed me.  i purchased the soundtrack and it is amazing for ambient music (especially: "cereal boxes", "the healing" and "the great eatlon").  the composer/producer of this is , and as i've learned has an extensive collection -- having composed for other movies like king kong, devil's advocate, sixth sense, hidalgo, the village, batman begins, etc.  i had no idea he's so involved in a lot of projects...now i'll have to check out his other music.

anyhow, just a random thought on what keeps me 'in the zone' when writing code.

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wow?!  the navigation item that made them famous for the navigation is not visible in their latest incarnation.  now granted it wasn't in the perl as well, but that was a smaller form-factor i just assumed it was because they went "phone-first" in that model.

of msnbc reviews the latest blackberry 8800 and informs us of the change:

For all you “CrackBerry” addicts I must warn you at the outset that the 8800 is different from any other . It’s the first one without a thumbwheel. The experts at RIM, seeing the success of the Pearl and its little trackball, decided that their new model didn’t need an ancient-style navigation device.

personally i think it is going to be a bad move for blackberry.  i remember sitting in a room full of microsoft skeptics one time talking about windows mobile and one of the complaints was that the devices lacked easy one-handed navigation...and they pointed to the thumbwheel.  the blackjack has it and i like it.  it does make one-handed operation easier to use quickly.

hmm...i'm just a little curious what the feedback will be.

ps -- any irony in the default home wallpaper they are using on the blackberry 8800?

Blackberry 8800