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 if you haven’t read previously my issues with my homebuilder, take a look first.  this is a part 2 of the ongoing saga.


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componentart just released their webui 2006.1 suite.

go get it now…their stuff rocks…nuff said

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one of the cities closer to me has just announced completion plans for their city-wide wireless access capabilities.  the first in my state, tempe, finished last year and i think has been a success.  i think this is great how these cities are demonstrating innovation in services to their communities.  wifi is pretty much a utility in the cities now for their residents and businesses.

what was interesting, i thought, was that these are not the major metro city in the state — that one is still lagging behind.  i guess the bigger the city, the bigger the role of giant, wide, sticky red tape.

is your citi wifi? www.wazmetro.com

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Crazy delicious

my team got me this shirt in celebration of my first year w/msft.

if you have no idea what it means, move along.

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had dinner with some folks at mobile/embedded last night and of course geeked out on smartphones.

i hadn’t heard of it until last night, but now i want this

Samsung i320

as i look at the specs, it is GSM quad band — and with my recent move to verizon, i’m out of luck.

verizon: please carry this device!!!