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the patterns and practices group just released some documentation you should look at:

security guideance on .net framework 2.0

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going to PDC?  why not take in some geek stuff…join us for the PDC Underground

come for some drinks and food, followed by a Grok Talks Live! session by Regional Directors, MVPs and MS staff…

Register for PDC Underground!

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google enters the IM/VOIP arena with google talk: http://www.google.com/talk/

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as noted in somasegar’s web log, visual studio 2005 will see another public drop of the visual studio 2005 product lines.  some important notes to point out:

  • Visual Studio 2005 will release an RC1 in September, available to MSDN subscribers, early adopters already identified, and beta customers.
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS), the core collaboration, source control management, etc. for the Team System product lines will have a Beta3 release, including Go Live licensing support.
  • TFS will ship within the first quarter of 2006


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a great post on asp.net, web services, and remoting performance:

Performance of ASP.NET, Web Services, and Remoting