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thanks to RobertK (he seems to find the good stuff lately), i was pointed to this tool:

Admin Report Kit for sharepoint from Vyapin

it seems like a cool little utility to get quick, concise information about your sharepoint environment in a one-stop shop place.  it isn't web-based and i haven't done much testing around on it, but it does a good job giving you a snapshot.

since there isn't any screenshots on the site (you can download a free trial), i'm including one here (blacked out areas are there to protect the innocent ;-)).

Admin Report Kit for SPS

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looking for a good solution for antivirus protection to your sharepoint environment, maybe now is the time to look at portalprotect...they are having another beta release...check it out: http://www.trendbeta.com/index.php?get=47

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so if you haven't been paying much attention to whidbey (.net v2) lately, and you are a sharepoint developer, you may want to start taking a look.

whidbey will introduce the web part framework (called portal framework in whidbey for now) with .net v2.  all the skills you've learned as a web part developer will help you understand the development in whidbey...so you'll have an immediate head start already.

nikhil kothari (a member of the .net team) had a great post today about cross connections on web parts in .net v2.  Read it here: http://www.nikhilk.net/Entry.aspx?id=53

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some new articles just made available on msdn office developer center on branding sharepoint...helpful information in assessing customization, the wheres, hows and impacts of doing some of the customization:

Branding sharepoint Portal Server Part 1 - understanding

Branding sharepoint Portal Server Part 2 - how to

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i've had a blackberry for about a year (7230) and liked it's use a lot...A LOT.  the email, calendaring, battery life (i could go about a week and a half without charging), etc. was perfect.  only thing that wasn't...the style/size.  after a while i started using the email a little less so the keyboard wasn't much of a draw anymore...

so, i looked at the new smaller blackberry...but the loss of the full keyboard made me think back to my smartphone roots (i had the mpx200 and hated it)...low and behold the audiovox 5600 was out (pic below).  this phone is awesome and everything i need (oh yeah, bluetooth enables it as a gprs modem (250K).

wishes for this phone: better battery life when bluetooth in use; auto on/off features.