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The following is a list of currently known issues with FeedReader:


  • Atom 0.3 feeds don't update the title Url appropriately
    • 11JUN2004 Update: default URL changed until issue can be resolved
  • Possible issues with user-authenticating proxy servers (23MAR2004)
    • 11JUN2004 Update: minor updates changed, encourage reinstallation of new download
  • Issues with proxy servers, use SharePoint web.config instead of web part properties

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Q: Why do I get “Request for the permission of type System.Security.Permission.FileIOPermission“?
Q: I am getting an error immediately after I add your web part, what's the problem?
Q: It says your web part is not marked as safe? What does that mean?
Q: I ran your install .msi file but the web part does not show up in the Virual Gallery, what happened?

A: Per the readme file, there are two methods of installing FeedReader.  The first method is to change the trust level for the portal from WSS_Minimal (which is out of the box configuration) to Full.  The second (and recommended) method is to ensure the web part is installed into the GAC.  This is accomplished using:

stsadm.exe -o addwppack -filename -globalinstall -force

You'll notice the “-globalinstall” parameter which installs FeedReader to the GAC for you.  This should solve the problem described above.

The other option instead of the “-globalinstall“ option (which puts the Web Part in the Global Assembly Cache) is to edit the web.config of the SharePoint server.  You will notice in the web.config a section that indicates a trust level.  By default this will most likely be something like “WSS_Minimal“ unless it has been changed.  You can change this to “Full“ and FeedReader should work.

Q: My company uses a proxy server which requires user authentication, does FeedReader work?
A: We are trying to do our best to accommodate all environments, and proxy servers are one that are a pain point for us right now.  Because the server is actually making the request for the RSS feed information, we are challenged with making sure all the credentials are appropriately passed on through FeedReader.  Updates on this issue will be continually posted here.

References: http://msmvps.com/cgross/archive/2004/06/26/9045.aspx

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i've just posted the latest version of feedreader to my site for download.  there are some things you should know:

  • there is no compatability between any prior version.  yes this sucks, and i'm kinda mad about it myself, but hey, it's free.  there are good reasons for this break in compat, so deal with it ;-)
  • new syndication library with broader support for feeds (and improved performance)
  • international language support (yeah, special characters! --vi kanne se våre omgangsspråk nå!)
  • removed the branding/copyright from the initial user view (moved to toolpane...hey, it's still free)
  • changed option on how to filter feeds (can use none, days, item count)
  • initial support for Atom 0.3 format -- there may be some kinks with this one, so if you see some, let me know
  • added collapse/expand capabilities for description viewing
  • removed dependency on sharepoint image files, all self contained
  • special note: i no longer include a sharepoint installer (just an msi installer to deploy the files)...the reason is simple...you should decide how you want to install it...i won't force you either way.

i hope you like it...if you don't, let me know why.

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