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Callisto Migration Tip: Menus

I’m continuing in my series of helping to provide Callisto migration tips to use new Windows 8.1 features. In a recent post I talked about the Flyout control and provided the path to the platform-provided features. In Callisto, the Menu control was provided as sort of a prescribed content for the Flyout control. In fact you really couldn’t use Menu without Flyout. This guide will help you change to the platform-provided MenuFlyout now available in Windows 8.1. API Differences On the public surface area, there aren’t actually many changes here. Windows 8.1 MenuFlyout provides more...

Callisto Migration Tip: Flyouts

This is another post in my series of providing migration tips from certain Callisto controls to using Windows 8.1 features. I previously demonstrated probably the most popular Callisto control, the SettingsFlyout. Coming in a very close second in popularity is the Flyout control. The Flyout is a concept of a non-modal small dialog for information and commands. The primary use case for a lot of Flyouts was something from Button areas, namely the AppBar. Getting the experience right was not intuitively easy using a Popup primitive as you had to handle the right...

Callisto Migration Tip: Use PlaceholderText in Windows 8.1

Continuing on my tips in migrating from Callisto for platform-supported Windows 8.1 APIs, I’ll cover another simple, but helpful text control in this post: WatermarkTextBox. When writing an app that provides input from customers, providing some “hint” when there is no text is a valuable thing to add. Here’s how to change to the platform-supported APIs. Change back to TextBox When using Callisto, you had to use a specific control that derived from TextBox. Simple enough: <callisto:WatermarkTextBox Watermark="Enter some text..." /> In Windows 8.1 the concept of watermark text was added to controls for text input, including PasswordBox (one...

Callisto Migration Tip: Use CharacterEllipsis

Frankly I’m going to be honest and say I’m not sure why it took us so long to add this capability to TextBlock, especially given that the support in Callisto provided via DynamicTextBlock was originally done in Silverlight 2. O_O. Well, Robby can rest well now knowing that we no longer have to depend on his contributions to Callisto. Example of use DynamicTextBlock on bottom Here’s the quick migration tip. Change back to TextBlock The DynamicTextBlock served one purpose, to provide trimming at the character level rather than the word level. The implementation of DynamicTextBlock was done...

Callisto Migration Tip: Use Windows 8.1 SettingsFlyout

As a part of my promise from my previous post talking about migrating to new Windows 8.1 controls instead of some Callisto ones, I’ll talk about how to leverage the new SettingsFlyout control provided by the framework. Without a doubt one of the two most popular Callisto controls is the SettingsFlyout. This is a marquee experience for Windows Store apps to provide the “charm” area for managing settings for your application. This control provides the animations, near pixel-perfect UI and behavior for handling the software keyboard movement. Like everything in Callisto, it is simple...

Callisto Update for Windows 8.1

As I spent time last week updating my Callisto library for Windows 8.1 I realized it was a long time between the last release.  Well, I’ve finally updated it for Windows 8.1 release which is now available.  This is a major, yet minor release…allow me to explain. Windows 8 Support As of the Callisto 1.4.0 release, Windows 8 support ends.  Support in the non-commercial Open Source world is a bit of a funny term as the support has always been provided by myself and Morten.  I wrestled for a few days trying to keep a source code base,...


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