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best practices for asp.net

along with the other ‘best practices’ analyzers that have been released (sql, security, etc.), microsoft’s now released one for asp.net 2.0! pretty cool: The Best Practice Analyzer ASP.NET (alpha release) is a tool that scans the configuration of an ASP.NET 2.0 application. The tool can scan against three mainline scenarios (hosted environment, production environment, or development environment) and identify problematic configuration settings in the machine.config or web.config files associated with your ASP.NET application. This is an alpha release intended to gain feedback on the tool and the configuration rules included with it. download best practice analyzer asp.net tags: asp.net

hard core css - interface redesigned

i just noticed the boys at interface (simon and spike — i’d link to spike, but he hasn’t told me his blog yet ;-)) completed their redesign of the interface site. if you’ve ever met simon or heard his philisophical tirades on how you are evil if you ever implement a <td> element for positioning, you’ll notice the site is some serious css goo.  i bet if you took the stylesheet away it would be all sorts of white-as-milk love. anyhow, mad props to simon and spike (and whomever else geeked out on it).  interface for me locally is a premier partner,...

doclibutils source code released

following releasing code for feedreader, the source for doclibutils is now available as well. this is far less mature and has a few known scripting issues, but now those can tinker away! codeplex: DocLibUtils

.net v3 install white paper

via jasonz: there is a new white paper posted on msdn outlining .net fx 3.0 install/detection/etc.

FeedReader open sourced...finally

well, for those that have been emailing, i hope you stayed subscribed.  feedreader has finally found a home and the complete source code is available.  as i’m sure most of you have reflected the code ;-) you’ll know it isn’t brain surgery, but that there are probably some things that could be cleaned up and we know there are areas that need to be fixed. so visit the feedreader codeplex today and get the source released under the creative commons attribution-sharealike 2.5 license. remember, the purpose of open source is to share :-D, so be sure to contribute back your fixes and...

origami for subtext updated

i’ve updated the origami skin for subtext…although gotdotnet is having some problems and i can’t upload it just right now. i’ve fixed a few things thanks to phil and matt pointing out some areas…namely fixed css for safari, opera and ie6 removed the need for modifying the DTP.aspx body element fixed the cookie preservation of the user personalization areas fixed the css images references there are still a few config things that you have to do for your config that will be outlined in the README file. there are still some things i’m working on and one thing that i had (google ad support) was screwing up...

trouble with vista and asp.net installs?

are you running windows vista beta 2 or later?  i am.  more about that some other time and my frustrations as a developer workstation! at any result, one of the problems i’ve been having is getting use to the user access control features (basically run as a least privelege user).  i couldn’t take it anymore and made myself an administrator.  guess what, still didn’t help, imo (again, more about that when i have time to document the scenarios fully — after all, i’m giving the team a chance…it is beta ;-)). UPDATE: scottgu pointed me to this post on how to turn...

hey kitt, come save my career

my wife desperately wanted to watch the new nbc talent show thing.  i reluctantly set the tivo (repaired after a new hard drive from weaknees.com). while feeding my newborn tonight i watched it.  or tried to. (note: what follows is what is commonly referred to in the english language as an ‘opinion’ — it is mine…feel free to differ.) i cannot believe that show exists.  find america’s best talent?  in what category?  apparently juggling, horn honking, snapping fingers, singing, magic, comedy, and stripping all in one!  how can you honestly find the best talent when you are mixing all the genres together (don’t...

create your own opensearch provider

a while back i wrote a dictionary search provider for ie7. i just found this link from eric lawrence providing an online tool for configuring your own search provider…pretty cool opensearch provider creator

new skin for subtext users

well after installing subtext and lurking around, i decided i was sick of the “designed by tech” skins.  don’t get me wrong, most of them were good, but let’s be honest…they are designed by non-designers most of the time. after hunting around, i realized that i’d been playing around with ruby on rails lately and as well with typo.  i remembered that an author had created a pretty cool theme for typo called ‘origami’ — well i downloaded it, deciphered all the references and created my swag at a subtext skin based on that. lo and behold, what you are viewing is...

moved to subtext

i’ve moved the blog to subtext from .text 0.95.  i never got around to getting community server running correctly for me (importing data, etc.) so i figured i’d stick with the easier config… anyhow, deployment turbulance may occur, apologies.

obfuscation seminars

i just got an email from preemptive about obfuscatin seminars coming up — might be interesting to check out and learn more about how they do/recommend it.  i’m sure in part it will be a commercial for their products, but they do have good ones (and the community edition is included in visual studio) here’s the details — i’m sure the links were for my email address response, so if you register it will likely throw off their campaign marketing counts, but oh well… The next series of webinars from PreEmptive Solutions will focus exclusively on best practices for developers. In the...

team system trial for download to all!

the team system (trial) bits are now available for download to everyone!  now you don’t have to wait to order, or be an MSDN subscriber to try them… remember, these are LARGE image files…be patient. download at: Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition 90-Day Trial Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite 180-Day Trial  Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Trial Edition

beta release of ruby.net compiler

gardens point has released a beta of their ruby.net compiler.  they say this is not a bridge, but a true compiler. check it out: gardens point ruby.net compiler

internet of the future

i came across this ad on msn, and was intrigued by the banner — so i clicked. very interesting and brought awareness to something that i haven’t been paying attention to. the future of the internet another good one: don’t regulate

blinq part 2: comparing rails scaffolding

in a previous post i started to take a quick look at the new BLINQ bits released this week at teched.  to recap, essentially the core functionality of BLINQ (i love saying that…they should have named it bling) is to generate a CRUD structure of code and asp.net pages for your data structure.  the “inq” in BLINQ is because the code generated uses LINQ.  okay, all that aside, let’s start taking a look. BLINQ is a command-line tool.  type BLINQ to see the options.  for simplicity comparison sakes for rails, i chose the /noStyle option so it would generate the vanilla-plainjane-nofrills-whiteasmilk...

blinq: a first look

after downloading blinq and the may linq ctp, i decided to give it a quick run. first, the installer just kinda installs on you not telling you anything.  blinq gets installed into c:\program files\microsoft asp.net\blinq. if you thought there was a gui, nada (yet).  it is command line baby! so i ensured i had the trusty pubs database installed on my local instance of sql express 2005.  then i went to town. to scaffold a database, just do the following: blinq /t:<yourdesiredoutputpath> /server:<yoursever> /database:<yourdb> be sure not to type ‘bling’ there are some other options, but this will get you a scaffold site.  specifically i did: after...

get your blinq bling

want some bling bling for your asp.net?  okay, how about some blinq? what is blinq?  well, it’s best described as a scaffolding tool for asp.net data.  point it to your database and you’ll get some asp.net pages for CRUD on your data using LINQ. check it out here: BLINQ update: my first look tags: asp.net, blinq, visual studio 2005, linq

the greatest remote...so far

i’m a huge fan of the universal remote control…but not the ones that you point at eachother and “learn” the codes…i’m talking programmable.  it used to be that hard-core home theater fanatics were the only ones that could get them, and they were RF controlled and had to be programmed by the pros. enter logitech. they have a line of harmony remote controls that are programmed via the web/usb — very cool.  you just enter your model number(s) of your device(s) and it configures the remote.  you set certain activities (macros) so all you do is click one button ‘watch dvd’ and...

does msft release software too often?

i’m pondering another thought from the same individual who posed a previous question to me.  part of the comment was also regarding the release of software. this came about after news of WinFX being officially renamed to .NET Framework 3.0.  some of the comments made were dealing with learning a new framework and wishing microsoft would slow down the train on releases.  in my response to the comment, i had to think about releases…here’s a comparison (again using PHP as a comparitor because the comment was on an asp.net group)… Feb 2002: .NET 1.0 released (beta starting in 1999) May 2003: .NET 1.1...

bill gates to step down in 2008

announced RIGHT NOW. bill gates will shift priorities in 2008 to be more focused on the gates foundation rather than microsoft.  effective in 2008, he will become a part-time resource to microsoft. ray ozzie will assume his role (chief software architect) effective immediately.  steveb will remain CEO.  billg will remain chairman. read all about it here (and see the press conference). i like what bill had to say…that there has been a disproportionate attention given to him regarding microsoft lately.  i think there is history with bill gates, but for the past 5 years, steveb has been microsoft for me.

php is better because it's free

recently i posted an opinion to one of my local user group lists in response to something that irks me as of lately.  granted a few years back this may have been a valid statement, but i don’t think it is anymore. the comment was something along the lines of this (paraphrasing): why use asp.net when you can use php and get what you need for a fraction of the cost. it caused me pause to consider the various scenarios, but i’ll settle for simplicity on the hosted scenario for comparison, because quite frankly, i’m calling b.s. on those type of comments...

windows desktop search your code

i was reading my msdn mag just now and came across the article code & seek. check it out — it’s an addin that uses windows desktop search for your code — right in visual studio! tags: asp.net, visualstudio, vs2005

msft certified architect?

occasionally i get some questions about the certified architect track that is new to microsoft.  i just saw this video description from al valvano that explains some of the questions i usually get… al valvano and the msft certified architect

first rule of geek club, don't talk about geek club

geeks beating each other up…fight club style: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13037439/wid/11915829

nick burns to the rescue

if you are the only tech person in your family, you are likely as i am the defacto nick burns of the group.  that’s okay most of the time, but can get tough at times.  you may be like me as well, that when actually posed with a question, you feel completely obligated regardless of how feasible it may be. i found myself in the predicament recently.  my brother-in-law called me about 3 weeks ago and said ‘um, i’m using kristie’s [my sister-in-law] computer at home and it just installed something and now has a blue screen…is that bad?’ — after...

diet coke mentos

if you haven’t seen the diet coke + mentos expirements, take a look on youtube or google video and search diet coke mentos and you’ll see some. but if you want the bellagio version (200 bottles of diet coke synchronized to music) check this out: http://eepybird.com/dcm1.html

gmail - from isn't really from

i’ve been using gmail as a shell to my mail.  i don’t really *use* gmail, but i like their interface and it’s easy to use, so i guess i do use it :-) anyhow, i started using it once they enabled the “from” address customization, where i could set the from address to one of my liking. until recently when i’ve realized it isn’t exactly doing what i thought/want.  when i get a message in my outlook i see “[email protected] on behalf of [email protected]” (obviously changed the email addresses to protect spam here) which isn’t exactly the desired outcome. a quick review of...

Valleyschwag2 May Shipment

Valleyschwag2 May Shipment got my Valleyschwag2 shipment today -- check out the goods! apparently this is the last of the burlap shipments, which is understandable when they are hand-made!click on the picture to go to the flickr pic with descriptions of each item. check them out -- www.valleyschwag.com


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