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Tagged: February 2007 Blog Posts

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ajax: interface training dvd

i was just sitting on a plane with simon back from redmond where i was doing some mobility developer "stuff" and simon was at some top secret, could-tell-you-but-i'd-have-to-kill-you type things.  we were chatting about, well, you know geek stuff.  i was droning on about some vista stuff and he was talking about the smart stuff he works on. it reminded me about their (them being interface, who simon is one of the 'fellows' -- well if he isn't they should institute some plan) ajax training.  he put together some great content on asp.net ajax in a self-paced DVD format and...

random thought: guydudebroboss

at what age do people stop saying "can i get that for you bro?" or "how did it go today boss?"  i see this all the time on golf courses when returning from a round and the "cart boy" (i'm okay saying that because i used to be one) greets you with any one of the guy-dude-bro-boss salutations.  man, do i still look that young?  i guess that's a blessing, but i prefer to keep my "dude" references to people i know. tags: woodingo

using c# and vb in the same web project

every once in a while i get asked if you can have both c# and visual basic in the same web site project.  my gut response is always to ask "why would you want to" as i always assume it is a new project, etc.  to me, it simply wouldn't make sense from a new project standpoint, code reviews, coding standards, continuity, project maintenance, etc. however, people still ask.  to-date i never really tried (and that's been my answer).  i was presented with a usable scenario of why you may need (not want, need) to do this, so i finally...

Foxit PDF Preview Handler

Welcome LifeHacker visitors! [UPDATE: More updated information and alternative download links here: Foxit PDF Previewer.] UPDATE: If you are experiencing problems with 'white page' PDF previewing, it is likely the PDF has scanned images.  See this post for an update on how to fix: Foxit Previewer Update. in my daily work i spend a majority of my 'computing' time in outlook.  communicating with peers, team members, customers, etc. is mostly done via communication (sad, i know).  a lot of that time it involves sending information attachments back and forth, using office documents, etc.  i've said a lot about how much i love the...

windows mobile: mobile data dump

this week i'm at some windows mobile developer events and it is always fun to be around people who have searched out things you haven't found yet...did that make sense? anyway, here's some dump of some cool windows mobile things i've learned about today... phone sharpmt - this is a windows mobile smartphone blogging client tool.  not the greatest UI, but it worked for my blog earlier newsbreak - solid rss reader for windows mobile...moreso than some of the others. quickmark - take a picture of a UPC symbol with your smartphone and get product information smart2go - gps navigation system...

smartpart + ajaxbasepart = yummy

eric schoonover pointed me to what jan completed late last night -- implementing ajax support in the smartpart...yippee... check out the smartpart for sharepoint now with asp.net ajax support! tags: sharepoint, moss 2007, sharepoint 2007, windows sharepoint services, ajax control toolkit, ajax, asp.net, asp.net ajax, microsoft ajax, ajaxbasepart, web part, smartpart, smart part, jan tielens

virtual earth: drawing a radius

as i continue to build on top of my virtual earth example that uses proximity searching, i found myself wanting to add more visualization to the mix.  i wanted the radius being searched to actually show a radius ring for the area...so the user could see the proximity being searched where the results are plotted. so, i started digging -- how do you draw a circle using the polyline api?  hmmm...rounded corners with straight lines...seemed like a challenge. well after a prod to some people i was pointed to a solution already doing this! and thus the ViaVE Wiki had...

code camp: utah spring camp announced!

the gang up in utah is organizing a code camp!  they have a call for speakers going on RIGHT NOW. currently they have a developer and SQL track planned and are looking for speakers to present.  you don't have to be an expert...if you have an idea to share and speak about -- sign up!  code camps are a great mechanism to learn with your peers. if you are interested in speaking, contact Pat Wright at [email protected] (put "code camp speaker" in the subject line). tags: code camp, utah, utah code camp

ajax and sharepoint sittin' in a tree

have you been looking at sharepoint (yeah, yeah, okay "moss")?  wanted to add some ajaxified love to those new interfaces?  or perhaps some of your own web parts. take a look at some comments from mike ammerlaan on the topic.  in a recent post, mike talks about integrating asp.net ajax with sharepoint (see he doesn't even use moss).  there are some tips on extending the sharepoing web.config with the appropriate elements, yada yada. in addition to that, eric schoonover writes about the AjaxBasePart and provides examples and code for you to use. with these two resources it should be enough...

winsnap + flickr = screenshot bliss

i've got a few questions a while back on what i use for screenshots for my blog as well as for other areas (documentation, etc.).  i know there are a lot of popular programs out there, namely snagit, but i settled on a recommendation from scott hanselman and have been using winsnap. sure in vista, there is a snipping tool, but i've not found it to be as efficient as winsnap which is smaller than paint.exe in size! i recently started using the latest version of winsnap and figured i could integrate my other photo tool of choice (flickr) into...

virtual pc 2007 now available

virtual pc 2007 is now available -- go get it note: if you have a vpc saved state file in an older version of vpc, i have seen oddities where it may not work, so heads up. tags: virtual pc, vpc, virtualization

ambient music: a programmer paradise

when i start writing code, i like to get 'in the zone' -- and i'm sure all you developers are no different.  you want to enter a state of bliss and utter ignorance of any world other than that between your eyes and the screen of squiggly lines and foreach statements. well, usually i help get in this developer "rem" state by using music.  for me, ambient music is almost essential.  sure, i like the occasional heavy metal to really get the motivation going, but at the end of the day, i found myself concentrating on the song more than...

blackberry removes thumbwheel

wow?!  the navigation item that made them famous for the navigation is not visible in their latest incarnation.  now granted it wasn't in the perl as well, but that was a smaller form-factor i just assumed it was because they went "phone-first" in that model. gary krakow of msnbc reviews the latest blackberry 8800 and informs us of the change: For all you “CrackBerry” addicts I must warn you at the outset that the 8800 is different from any other . It’s the first one without a thumbwheel. The experts at RIM, seeing the success of the Pearl and...

sharepoint: feedreader and flash web part on moss 2007

over the past few weeks i've been getting a few requests for if my web parts work on sharepoint 2007 (also referred to as moss).  well to be honest, time has been getting the better of me and i hadn't had a chance to test. well tonight i fired up a windows sharepoint services 2007 instance and loaded the web parts AS IS to see what they did after that i loaded them up.  here's the flash web part in action: and here's the feedreader in action: they rendered without issue for me.  there is something funkadelic in the upper left corner that i...

daylight savings: mobile patch and OSX

the patch for windows mobile and united states daylight savings time is now available.  see the article and downloads here. i also noticed that there was finally a daylight savings update on my OSX machine at home.  what struck me was the size.  on windows xp sp2 for example, the patch is 504KB.  on OSX the patch was 9.2MB.  wow, quite a difference...i'm curious why. tags: daylight, daylight savings, windows mobile, windows mobile 5, smartphone, pocketpc, pocket pc, dst, dst2007

ctrl+alt+del != user experience

attention windows vista team... suggestion for SP1 -- remove the lame CTRL+ALT+DEL for machines added to a domain.  why should the logon experience be any different for a domain-joined machine?  is that a consistent user experience? why do i feel like when i CTRL+ALT+DEL that i still click on my name tile and login...essentially i'm clicking login twice i feel like. please please please...remove that function.  i'm a developer...i understand that there may be some code that *must* be required.  but can't you just abstract that code?  why make me see the mess anymore...c'mon -- let's eat our own words...

asp.net ajax: using scripts without server controls part 2

in my first attempt i used fake targets to create server controls to wire up the animation extender, then during execution, changed the target and executed the animation.  a little kluge i thought, but it worked -- and under the cover essentially that's what happens anyway on a server control. well today, ajax wizard and poker maven steve marx pointed me to a post where it talked about using the client libraries directly.  basically when you add an animation extender control it tells the runtime what client-side script references it will need.  so the first step is for us to...

vista dev: msdn search gadget in script#

a while back i posted a gadget i wrote to demonstrate writing vista sidebar gadgets.  this was my msdn search gadget. well, i am giddy that nikhil decided to use that model to improve it and leverage script#, which is something i'm deeply interested in.  check out nikhil's much improved msdn search gadget...installed.  it demonstrates some really cool features and brings script# as a model to develop sidebar gadgets...very very cool. tags: vista, gadget, sidebar gadget, sidebar, windows vista, script#, nikhilk, nikhil kothari, msdn gadget, msdn

go beyond vista

i was in my local mac store (or is it apple store, i keep forgetting what the appropriate term is, i guess it is apple)...i was in my local apple store today and saw something funny. first, i wasn't buying a mac, not that there is anything wrong with that.  i was getting a slim case for my laptop for short trips (my bag has become cumbersome).  i like that the apple store stocks a lot of options, something other stores don't. anywhoo...upon checkout i noticed the current t-shirt for the store employees...i like how their ad campaigns blend into...

ajax: using update animation without server control

i recently wanted to add some more visual cues to my application when a search was happening.  i already had the "searching, please wait..." note on there, but since my app was an 'in your face' application experience, i thought i could make that message more in your face as well.  so i added a fade effect to the entire map control as seen in this image: as you can see when the search button is clicked, the entire virtual earth map control fades out until the results come back.  so my only problem (as i wanted to use...

asp.net ajax learning resources

want to learn more about asp.net and asp.net ajax in a self-paced learning environment?  want some free stuff?  check out the web development learning series.  there is actually some great content there as well for people with PHP skills to learn a bit more about asp.net as well as asp.net ajax. register here for the e-learning and upon completion get some web development resources! tags: asp.net, ajax, asp.net ajax, free learning, e-learning, php, webcast, web development, web, developer toolkit, visual studio, visual studio express, atlas

wicked wpf/e demonstration

want to see a wicked demo?  well, if you know slovenian, you'll know what it actually says, but check out this demo anyway, using WPF/e -- www.windowsvista.si -- this is all WPF/e baby...check out the "glass" even on the toolbars :-) and yes, just like the real windows, the status tray keeps popping up something! tags: wpfe, wpf/e, windows presentation foundation, atlas, ajax

why i love real downtown cities

i'm in seatte and walking downtown reminds me why i like metropolitan areas...the real ones.  we passed by this street musician who was pretty good.  i just like this type of culture everywhere...  Video: Street Drummer

office launch copies

for those who went to an office/vista launch and received the copy of the office professional (or the key code), make sure you read the instructions.  it clearly states that you will be directed to a page that shows you a TRIAL code and verbage.  you should ignore this because the key in your cd sleeve is a full license per the instructions.

super bowl and web experience

for the past few days i've been sitting in a meeting.  today in the US is the superbowl (the national football championship game).  i'm not much of a football fan, but i'm interested in the outcome so i don't sound like an idiot in conversations :-) so while this meeting is going on right now, the game has been going on.  i decided to take a look and went to *the* sport site, www.espn.com.  they have a "gamecast" application which provided me some great "live" action on the game.  take a look at the screenshot: you can see a...

geocoding with virtual earth and windows forms

there's been some questions to me and in my local community about my vague references to my geocoder provider (sorry andrew).  the demonstration/explanation of that provider is here in my "geocode provider" post (not sure why i didn't make that part of the code gallery originally, apologies -- it now is).  i hope that helps. i've also just uploaded an example of how you can use virtual earth for geocoding...i've wrapped it in a windows forms app to show that you can leverage virtual earth in a windows forms application as well.  i hope that helps. basically what happens is...

sample: wcf, wf, wpf and free code

trying to wrap your head around .net 3.0 technologies?  well, here's a free sample to help you see several different aspects of it.   DinnerNow is a sample application that leverages all aspects of .net 3.0 -- and the source is provided!  workflow -- it's there, communication foundation? -- yep.  sprinkle in some cardspace and some wpf and there is a full application with different aspects demonstrated. this sample is a pretty good starting guide (with some advanced features) to learn these technologies. check it out at www.dinnernow.net and download the code! tags: dinnernow, wcf, wpf, workflow, .net, asp.net, asp.net...


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