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okay, so the title doesn't do it justice...i was trying to mimic in writing the "ea sports...it's in the game" tagline that starts each EA sports game on the xbox (and presummably other consoles)...whenever my daughter hears that she interrupts with "it's in the game" -- pretty funny (and sad at the same time i suppose).

but i digress...

anyhow, i just picked up a copy of tiger woods 07 recently and finally loaded it up last night (argh: still no xbox live league game setup!).  when i loaded it up i disregarded the background talking until i realized that it actually was live updating sports information -- they were talking about what was happening at that moment in the master's golf tournament...and then on to other sports scores like baseball games of the day, etc.  WOW!  that is a great idea...then i noticed an espn on demand section where it also could read recent sports headlines form espn.  brilliant.  great job ea sports on improving my peripheral experience on the game console!


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