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I first saw the accelerators (the artists formerly known as activities) during The Code Trip, when Woody created an IE8 activity for Wikipedia.  It was a convenient tool to have in your right-click toolbox on IE and I loved it (and still do).

Well, now that IE8 Beta 2 is out, I decided (well, my selfishness decided) that I should create an activity accelerator for something that I use often so I introduce you to: IE8 Accelerator for TinyURL.  So with a little XML, it was done.  Seriously, like < 5 minutes.  I ran into one problem with URL encoding, but Kevin at TinyURL fixed his end to handle the encoded URL information sent to his service. 

Kevin rocks.  Seriously.  We’re still trying to figure out why his icon dosen’t display in the context menu, but he’s been super responsive and willing to try different random things on his end to help.  Thanks Kevin.

Basically you can select (highlight) text that is a URL and right-click (or choose the accelerator icon in IE8) then choose the “Shrink URL” option (I’m taking votes if this should be “TinyURL-ify” instead).  This will take your selection (or selected hyperlink) and send it to TinyURL.  A simple, but hopefully useful accelerator for you to use.  Here’s a little video demonstration:

Oh, and I also modified Woody’s Wikipedia one to meet the new specifications for the accelerator manfiest, so here’s that one as well!  To install them, just click on these links:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

8/28/2008 11:12 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
*awesome* you should post this on the IE Gallery for more users to discover this! http://ieaddons.com
9/3/2008 11:38 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
I think this would be much more useful with the following options:

1) simply copy the resulting URL to the clipboard.
2) Instead of actually forcing the current navigation change, how bout a popup/new tab.

Even better, since #2 is not much of an improvement from clicking the link & using the Links toolbar shortcut to navigate to the TinyURL page, create a tooltip-like frame which can either show the TinyURL page (iframe), or just a line with the resulting TinyURL link. Essentially a barebones, non-automatic version of #1.

9/3/2008 11:40 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
But that's still sweet -- and I just got inspired by this to experiment with an idea I just had :)
9/5/2008 1:30 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Well done, a very nice piece of work. Thanks!
9/5/2008 4:52 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Love how easy Accelerators are to write.

I wrote one that does a Twitter search for you.


9/8/2008 9:13 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Can you share the code?
9/8/2008 10:56 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
larry: All you have to do is look at the XML manifests. For instance, here is the one for the TinyURL http://timheuer.com/tinyurl.xml
10/6/2008 4:18 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Tim, Love the Accelerator you built. “Moused-based search” where you can search with only a mouse is a great feature of IE8 Beta.

That said, the version of mouse-based search which I LOVE is KallOut. kallout.com

It already works over IE (the older versions) and Firefox (my favorite) as well as all of office. It’s really a killer application IMO for mouse-based search.

What IE8 Beta really needs is a way for the application to automatically choose which accelerator you need to use for a given mouse-based search request.

Just a random reader opinion, anyway. Check out kallout.com for yourself!

2/27/2009 8:39 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
wish this worked from the address bar like in Firefox. Often the IRL I want to shrink is that one and try as I might, this app doesn't seem to help me there.
2/27/2009 9:25 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Galactic this plugin for Firefox claims to be able to use IE accelerators: www.technospot.net/.../get-ie-8-accelerators-in...
3/22/2009 8:23 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Tim, I liked the idea of quickly converting to tinyurls, but my IE8 beta 2 doesn't seem to put up the icon for the accelertor when I right click on a long URL so I don't have the option to Shrink. BTW I liked the other term better. Shrink sounds so last century :)

Just wondering if I am the only one who doesn't get the option. What is the name of the xlm file that we download and where does it install itself? I'd like to remove and try it again.
4/14/2009 8:03 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Thanks! I used your code for the to.ly url shortening service
5/7/2009 6:26 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
I know this is a bit of an old post, but do you want to tell Kevin that the reason his favicon isn't displaying is because it's a gif? IE can only handle .ico files.

Everyone else ignores the .ico extension and displays gifs, jpegs or pngs, but IE stubbornly only displays actual ico files.

6/9/2009 12:55 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
What I'd find REALLY useful with all of the phishing going on re:compressed URLs would be the reverse - let me hover over a TinyURL and see where it REALLY is going.

Nice work, Tim!
6/9/2009 1:35 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
I would love to see an Accelerator that would allow me to highlight a phone number and then call that number with Office Communicator. In fact if there could be one that would work with the installed MOC client, and one that would work with Communicator web Access that would be awesome. Skype does this today...too bad that MSFT does not. How tough would this be to do?
6/9/2009 1:59 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Surprisingly, not too hard at all.... ;o) Seriously.... Let me see what time I have this week.
8/17/2009 5:07 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
8/27/2009 10:33 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
I created an accelerator very similar to yours, and it works well. Mine installs via our company Intranet & shows an Intranet page. However, when some computers try to install it, it shows an error that says: "The accelerator could not be installed. This might have happened because (1) A required file could not be downloaded (2) The website is unavailable or (3) You are not connected to the Internet." This sounds like a security issue to me (?). I have messed around with the security settings in IE8, but could not get this to work. Any suggestions? Thanks!
8/27/2009 10:36 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Karl -- not sure...got a link (I guess not because of Intranet) -- but maybe start looking at zone settings. I've no idea though.
8/27/2009 12:58 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Tim - thanks for the response. After MUCH testing, I finally found the issue (although I don't completely understand it). Our Intranet is accessed using a DotNetNuke portal and my page was an iFrame module within the portal. When I clicked the install button on this page, I got the error. HOWEVER, if I browsed directly to my page's URL (not through DNN) it worked properly. I can only guess what is going on "behind the scenes" of DNN, but I am happy to find a workaround. What I actually did was make the page that takes you to the installer page launch in a new window (that was not "in" DNN).
Thanks again for the feedback & hopefully this helps someone else!
9/10/2009 11:36 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Anybody else having troubles opening up IFrames in DNN using IE8?
11/14/2009 1:02 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Yes. We've got an external ASP.NET web app (a one pager) that is loaded into a DNN IFrame. It has between one and three drop down lists that appear, depending on the lookup category the user picks. This all works great when testing in the FireFox 3.5.3 browser, but in IE8, when we change a selection in the second or third drop down list, then we get an "Object not instantiated..." exception page show up in the IFrame. Why would the app in the IFrame work when browsed from FireFox, but only partially work when browsed from IE8?
2/17/2010 1:06 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator

I am not able to figure out how to use under IE8 production release.
I have installed and I can see it is installed but cannot use.

If I highlight the URL and rightclick I see no options to use accelerators.


12/17/2010 1:06 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Hi. In Google Chrome I use a URL shortener (Ly - http://bit.ly/9j5OAn) which allows me to shorten the URL currently displayed in the Omnibox by pressing a button that sits in the toolbar area. Is there a way to do this in Internet Explorer using your TinyURL accelerator?

I do it at the moment via copy/go to tinyurl.com/paste. Ly's solution is much neater.

Thanks for taking the 5 minutes to create your accelerator. It's very useful!

12/30/2010 3:29 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
This accelerator would be a whole lot more useful if it worked on the page level. That way you could just right-click on the page you're viewing or click the Page menu and create a TinyUrl for the current page you're viewing.

You could accomplish this by adding context="document"...url value="{documentUrl}" to the XML.
4/16/2011 10:49 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
right click menu dose not display when right button is pushed what should i do to replace it?
8/15/2011 12:27 AM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
4/18/2015 1:38 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Dude, I can completely use this TinyURL accelerator. I've got a bunch of projects that this is perfect for. Thanks.

4/27/2015 1:04 PM | # re: IE8 Beta 2 release – my TinyURL Accelerator
Hey Tim. Any chance you're going to be releasing more of these for Wikipedia?
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