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The team att AppDev is providing a free learning CD-ROM for Silverlight 2.  They are providing it as a CD-ROM or download and said it represents a $115 value for their training…but are providing it now for free!

If you are familiar with MSDN Magazine, ASPNETPro, and other online/offline publications, the name Dino Esposito might sound familiar.  Dino is the one providing the training walkthroughs for you in this offering.  It includes roughly 3 hours of training on Silverlight 2 content.  Get it now!  Thanks AppDev!

UPDATE (30 JUN 2008):
The team at AppDev has heard some feedback and has altered their offer.  Using the same link, the offer is now for the first 4 modules of Silverlight training.  Additionally they have expanded the international distribution to the countries that can legally receive it -- this does not mean everyone unfortunately, but it does provide expanded scope.  AppDev takes feedback seriously and wanted to make sure as many people could take advantage as possible.