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Got a great concept about Silverlight use, an application, utility, or just some knowledge you want to share but never had the place to put it?  The team at SilverlightShow have been having a contest they call Silverlight: Write and Win! and you can get some great Silverlight-related prizes such as Telerik and ComponentOne control licenses for Silverlight and WPF applications.

You have to simply write an article about your concept (application, control, whatever) related to Silverlight 2 and provide the code (under an OSI approved license) and you’ll be entered – submit as many times as you want.  The “judges” are a mix of community members and Microsoft guys that will be reviewing the content and code.

So what are you waiting for, enter the Silverlight: Write and Win! contest…you have less than 30 days left!

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codenamed 'sapphire,' componentone was one of the first to the market with their plans of silverlight user controls.  initially they put a bunch out there on their lab site to play with, but now you can sign up for their alpha version.  that's right, get your hands on some silverlight controls from componentone!

now named Studio Enterprise Silverlight Toolset, they are taking alpha sign-ups.  to me, this is definitely a product you want to look early at.  they've got:

    • buttons
    • containers
    • lists
    • sliders
    • text input
    • datagrid
    • chart

see what i mean?  definitely worth looking at.