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I hope that you had a chance to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  One of the things that you will absolutely want to do is watch Jensen’s video as a video walk-through of Windows 8 features, focusing on working with the operating system as a user, introducing the gestures and things you want to know about.  It is a great, short video and you should definitely watch it:

As an avid keyboard user (and one without a touch device currently) I rely on the ‘desktop’ use of my Windows installation.  In addition to those things that Jensen mentions in his video, here’s a list of some helpful keyboard shortcuts…

Windows key + spacebarToggles between input languages and keyboard layout
Windows key + ,Peeks at the desktop
Windows key + EnterStarts Narrator
Windows Key + PgUpMoves full screen window (i.e., the new Metro UI) to the monitor on the left in multi-mon situations.
Windows Key + PgDnMoves full screen to the right
Windows Key + Shift + .
Windows Key + .
Snaps application and/or moves the snapped app to left/right
Windows Key + cOpens charms bar
Windows Key + iOpens Settings
Windows Key + kOpens Devices charm
Windows Key + hOpens Share charm
Windows Key + qOpens Search charm
Windows Key + wOpens Settings search
Windows Key + fOpens Files search
Windows Key + zToggle AppBar

These have been helpful for me to work through these new experiences quickly.  Hope this helps!

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Today, Microsoft will reveal the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for download to everyone.  This builds on the momentum and feedback from the Developer Preview released in September.  I’m very excited to get the developer platform in front of you so you can see the changes and new features we’ve made available as well as fixes based on your feedback.

Along with the release of the actual bits, we’ve updated many resources for you to take advantage of as a developer, so allow me to iterate my top resources for you now…

I’m very excited to see the progress of applications that are coming in the Windows Store and even more interested to see what you are going to be building!  Please feel free to subscribe to this blog as well for XAML-related tips and tricks on the platform!