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the team over at have just launched .net 3.5 hosting platforms in their offerings!  that's right, you can host your .net 3.5 web apps with them!  if you need a space just head on over there and they'll give you 3 free months as well.

in addition, they've enabled cardspace integration so you can login to your control panel using one of your personal information cards.  pretty cool, i'm going to have to check that out.  thanks to discountasp.net for continued support to user group communities as well as being an early adopter hoster so that early adopter developers can benefit!

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in a world of changing technology, when we look for places to put our apps, we're probably looking for people who are on the cutting edge of the frameworks as well.  i want to draw your attention to .  why?  well, for one their feature set rocks.

    • free iis7/.net 3.5 hosting during the beta (one of the early adopter hosters)
    • real-time data backup tools
    • great sql support with tooling as well
    • silverlight support (meaning they support the default mime types)
    • your own apppool
    • asp.net ajax and ajax control toolkit support
    • etc., etc.

if you are a microsoft web developer and need a place to host, you should give them a try, and the price is great as well.  when you sign up as well they will give you 3 MONTHS FREE HOSTING!

but there is another reason why i like discountasp.net.  they support our communities well.  through my involvement with user groups over the past 12 or so years, there are many vendors that really support communities well, and these guys are one of them.  in the past they've provided community organizations a free hosting account to get going and build their communities.  i think this level of commitment to building and supporting a broad developer ecosystem is great.

so if you need a host, check them out and take advantage of their 3 months free for their plans!