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A while back I wrote to my elected officials about the passing of H.R. 1424.  I tried to be able to write to my elected officials electronically.  I submitted an electronic message to my congressman and got a reply that I’d be sent a US postal mail response, which made me shake my head.

At any rate, I’ve only got 1 response, and not from my congressman…but from one of my Senators, Jon Kyl.  Since he sent it to me via snail mail, I had to find a letter opener, figure out how to hold a piece of paper again, and scour a scanner to even report back to you here on the response.  Here it is in full:

I still call BS on some of the things.  Regardless of the explanations, it still rubs me the wrong way that these previous bills were tacked on to something called a stabilization act.  Anyway, there you go.

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Here’s a letter I just wrote to the Arizona Senators and Representatives that voted on the H.R. 1424, economic ‘bailout’ plan.  Here’s their contact information as well if you need it:

One a note, even though I’m not a member of other districts I wanted to send it to them.  Apparently you aren’t allowed to.  I’m hoping Jeff Flake will pass it along to them.  Their web sites state:

“Regrettably, I am unable to reply to email from constituents outside of the 2nd District of Arizona.”

Cool, just be sure not to run for election in the 6th District, jerk.  Anyway, here is the letter:

Open letter to AZ Senators/Representatives - Upload a Document to Scribd

I’m disgusted by the additions to the bill.  I think maybe something should have been done, but appalled at the back door actions of politicians.