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We’ve just released an update to our Silverlight Enterprise Deployment guidance/whitepaper.  While a lot of the information from the first version of the guidance (targeted at Silverlight 1.0), we made some minor adjustments outlining the specifics for the updated Silverlight installer and documented some of the command-switches and their behaviors. 

The guidance covers:

  • Using Windows Software Update Services (WSUS)
  • Group policy
  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Manual install options
  • Maintaining and detecting version

It’s a great guidance document to keep in your toolkit if you are in charge of deployment in your organization or want a better way to manage mass deployments of Silverlight across the organization.  You can download the Silverlight Enterprise Deployment whitepaper from the Silverlight community site.

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I’ve been promising this for a while and I’ve ranted about creating good installation experiences for Silverlight applications before as well here and here.  Well, our team rallied and created some new guidance and sample code to provide for you to implement the best possible experience.  The guidance whitepaper can be found on the Silverlight Community Site in the whitepapers section and includes:

  • Documentation for defining a good user experience
  • Sample code for media applications
  • Sample code for non-media applications
  • Sample code for implementing various states: not installed, upgrade needed, browser restart detection

The sample code is easy to understand and was templated so that you could change things to your brand/application.  The media sample can be dropped into your Expression Encoder templates easily and does a lot of the magic for you without having to thing (i.e., getting sizes of media, snapshot of media for image, etc.).

Hopefully this will help you understand the process more and provide you with the information (and code) you need to complete the best possible experience in your site.  You’ve spent the time developing your application, make sure you spend the time delivering the best install experience for those who may not have Silverlight yet.

Download the whitepaper and code today.

Hope this helps!

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Did you know that there are some whitepapers on Silverlight development?  Just recently released is one on security in Silverlight development and deployment.  You can view some others (some older, but there are still some gems):

  • Security Guidance for Silverlight Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Silverlight Applications
  • Silverlight and Web Analytics
  • Content Protection
  • Silverlight Migration Guide – Upgrading Online Media

These can all be found on the Silverlight community site in the whitepapers section.  We’ll be adding more soon, hmmm, say around March perhaps?