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"Go back to Jersey, Sonny. This is the City of the Angels and you haven't got any wings." (from LA Confidential)

i'm headed to los angeles, ca tomorrow for a week of the .  while last week already yielded some training in some of the expression tools and , i'm headed out to do my best to mentor those that are taking advantage of the microsoft working areas.

what is the phizzpop design challenge?

The PhizzPop Design Challenge pits top interactive, Web, and design agencies against one another to push the limits of technology and creativity in a battle royale. Think Mad Max for design.

basically teams have been chosen and they will be presented with a problem statement on monday.  this problem statement will include instructions to them of what those team should incorporate into their solution.  the implementation, however, will be up to them.  there is a panel of judges who will listen to the teams present their solutions and how they went about solving this particular problem statement.

i've yet to visit the la office and i'm excited to spend some time out there.  i'm coming off a weekend of, well, let's just say "pain."  i'll be bringing my meds though.  more importantly i'm bringing my new camera rig in hops of talking to some of these teams while they are out there.

if anyone knows any celebrities as well that might be in the la area and are willing to do a cheesy public service announcement for internal videos, let me know...i've got some ideas.  if you know anyone in the cast of Heroes that would be sweet...drop me a line.

well, that's where i'll be this week.  i'm hoping to head down to irvine with woodyp on wednesday and chill out at the installfest down there.  hope to see some of you there!

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i'm surprised how much is going on in the month of december...usually it is pretty idle...but this is my largest travel month.

after just visiting the and the (thanks to both for hosting), i'm off tomorrow to redmond for the silverlight firestarter event.  i come home just in time for our annual festivus party which i'm super excited for.  i've been storing some prizes that i've gotten throughout the year and am stoked for this weekend.  i'm pissed at myself for not getting t-shirts made this year...argh...oh well, i hope everyone enjoys themselves nonetheless.

after that i'm heading to los angeles all next week to chill with the Phizzpop Design Challenge folks.  i just got a new hd camera and am hoping to talk to some design folks throughout the week (side note: any suggestions for software for vista that can edit hd content from an xh-a1 are appreciated).  i hear master chief might even make an appearance out there!  in the middle of the week i'm heading down to irvine i think to hang with woody for their installfest.

i won't be at the phoenix barcamp, but if you are in the area and want to share something, you should head over to the barcamp phoenix...a great group of peeps putting that free event on as well!

i then come home for the weekend, breathe (maybe), hug my kids, wash some clothes and then head out to riverside for the for some chatting.  i hope you all show up for this one and heckle me...i'll be tired enough so my guard might be down ;-) -- i am also bringing a new zune to give away -- perfect timing for the holidays.

i'll have some downtime after that and then we have a full day of .NET-ness in phoenix on 20 DEC with the MSDN power series event and another installfest.  whew!  just maybe i'll have some time -- in between that i have some "use it or lose it" vacation time i need to squeeze in.

if you are in any of these areas the same time i am, let me know and maybe we can hook up a nerd dinner or something.