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[warning: if you are reading in an aggregator, this post has some video, so visit the site if you can’t see it]

well, some cool stuff hapening in the land of heat.  two really smart guys have been working on a project that one of them alluded to earlier this year.

well, i’ve been invited to beta test the site/product.  this isn’t necessarily a review of the product…i’ll have to download the end result and get motivated to exercise first :-), but i thought their use of technology use is cool and they are microsoft developers who are passionate about technology.

i think simon got motivate when came out at and wanted to leverage some of the features, but didn’t see any really helpful ui stuff until some of the things came out — i’m paraphrasing for him of course…he’s not here to defend himself, so there.

so what is ? basically it’s a ‘create-your-own-audio-workout-designed-by-you-for-your-designated-workout’ thingy.  seriously, check out their site for the real scoop.

so where are they using ?  well when you create a workout, you can see the and :

and when you choose what to add to your workout, here’s some :

there are some other places where it is used (updatepanel goodness, etc.) but these are some of the control uses.  i’ve seen other versions of the workout page and i know they are working on some interesting interactions, so there will be more to come i’m sure.  what is cool about this is that the site/user experience is *enhanced* by these implementations and didn’t take much effort to drop some of them in — creating a much nicer experience as you are editing your workouts.

the other cool use of the technology…the audio mixing.  this is being done dynamically, based on *your* chosen workout schedule, etc.  the audio beats, etc. are merged together when you mix the workout — it’s pretty cool.  i’m confident there are some high-tech oompa loompas working hard to mix your music to your workout…i haven’t seen them, but i know they are there — and they work fast.

anyhow, kudos to the team — it’s an intriguing idea and great use of microsoft technologies.  it uses (at least i’m pretty confident simon didn’t map .aspx extensions to something crazy like ruby or php ;-)), profile, membership, , sql server, whiz bang widget stuff, etc.  it’s all good.

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