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windows live local has been updated along with live.com release!

i just saw some announcements that live.com is 'released' as well as live local is updated.  i've been using live.com for a while and while the 'infinite scroll' is no longer there, it isn't much new to me as i've been dogfooding the service for a long while now -- and i like it -- i haven't had to go back to google all but 5 times in the past 4 months...and yes, i reported the reasons why.

for live local, i was curious if updated imagery was available as where i live it was still showing a dirt lot...the default view was bird's eye on the microsoft campus, so i typed in my address...


sweet...bird's eye view of the 'hood...nice!  and it looks like they goy my house right after i mowed the lawn :-)  pretty cool that the imagery has been updated.

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