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are you excited about the (whew, that was a mouthful, let's just call it team data)?  i am, i think it is a great addition to the suite, and i'm sure i'm only using a portion of the features (i.e., data generation, schema compare, etc.).

one thing to note is that on vista rc1 you may experience an immediate frustration.  go ahead, try it...i dare you.  open up team data and create a new database project.

you should be presented with this:


why?  well, team data basically uses a sandbox environment for the development environment.  in order to do this, it creates some temp database on your local instance of sql/sqlexpress.  well, obviously in order to do that, it needs create database permissions.

but tim, i'm an administrator on the box!

yeah, yeah, i know.  and you'd expect the BUILTIN\Administrators security group added to SQL by default to already be the key to ensuring you have these permissions.  well, therein lies the rub.  in vista the BUILTIN\Administrators group is empty (for now, i believe it is a known bug).

so easy enough, to get past this, add your account to sql/sqlexpress and ensure you have sysadmin roles as well or you'll still get the error (or some other role that allows create rights)

hope this helps!

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