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i've been experimenting developing windows vista sidebar gadgets lately.  one thing that is lacking is a core template for all things sidebar gadget (or at least i've not found one).

i'll save my thoughts on developing a sidebar gadget for a 'part 2' post once i finish the simple one i'm working on (well, not 'simple' but simple enough with some different features).

in the meantime, i've cooked up some sidebar gadget templates for visual studio 2005.  now keep in mind that sidebar gadgets don't themselves run c# or vb code, but they are HTML, Javascript, etc. files that interact.  so what better place then visual studio to edit them to get the best out of intellisense, etc.  i've created them as web site templates (again, remember to prevent the temptation of adding user controls, etc.) because that is all visual studio supports (there is no HTML Project template type :-( ).  and since people use both c# and vb, i create both installers so that we are all covered.

get them here:

File iconVistaSidebarGadgetCS.vsi

File iconVistaSidebarGadgetVB.vsi

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