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a few weeks ago, my favorite rss service, squeet was having a holiday itself.  ordinarily i'd be okay with that but i felt lost on the information super-highway and have to have my feeds.  i thought about using the ie7 and outlook rss model, but i just still haven't adopted to that paradigm...i honestly don't know why, but i just haven't succombed yet.

so someone was telling me about google reader and i thought i'd check it out.  yes, another beta product from google.  i imported my opml and it took me a bit to understand the features of what the terms meant for viewing and how to best view the feeds, etc...but eventually i got it. 

squeet is back up now and i'm happy, but i've kept reader going just to compare for now.  the one thing i don't like is the refresh.  in gmail, when a new message comes in, the titlebar is changed as is the actual page -- the message is there.  in google reader i've noticed that as new feeds are there, the title bar updates with the infamous (#) format indicating new items, but the view pane is always empty...i have to click refresh again.  so much for the functionality.  ooh, just as i was typing this i saw it update -- the subscription list on the left updated with new items (even flashed a nice yellow color) and the title bar updated...my all items view? blank.


just something odd i thought.  i think i'll give the outlook one a new try -- if i'm happy with google reader, there is no reason i shouldn't be happy with the IE7 rss subscription format...or at least that is what i keep telling myself.

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