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this week i'm at some windows mobile developer events and it is always fun to be around people who have searched out things you haven't found yet...did that make sense?

anyway, here's some dump of some cool windows mobile things i've learned about today...

 - this is a windows mobile smartphone blogging client tool.  not the greatest UI, but it worked for my blog earlier

- solid rss reader for windows mobile...moreso than some of the others.

- take a picture of a UPC symbol with your smartphone and get product information

- gps navigation system for your phone/gps adapter -- free open source from nokia

-- application to enable voting into your mobile device using SMS messaging

vista interface for your phone -- i tried this, but with varied success -- memory hog, can't recommend but looks cool

-- take a youtube, etc. url, feed it into vixy and get the AVI or other formats and put them on your device...great quality

maybe more to come as the week progresses...

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