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when tivo first came out, i thought it was the bomb (and it was really).  sure windows media center was out there but they didn't really have good component boxes like they do now.

so, when i got my series 2 tivo, i figured...lifetime service...sign me up.  well, my literal box died last week and i've been staring a "Welcome, powering up" screen thinking that if i stare long enough, it will finally go back to the home screen.  well, been staring too long and nothing is happening.  sigh.  quick search on the tivo community yields a likely bad drive.  solution?  new drive.  i wish that with the lifetime service they would have tacked on a warranty to that...or at least a replacement warranty option...sigh again.

good thing is that i learned about instantcake, which enables me to hook up any drive to a secondary ide locaiton on a pc and prep that bad boy for tivo life.  for $20, it is going to be worth a try.  i'm going to try to revive the drive that is in there now (heck it boots up to a point, so maybe it is just some diag that needs to be run).

but, this also does give me some additional leverage for my master plan in my house.  i'm really buying into the whole home media world concept.  right now we use a mac for our photos/videos/music.  the profile system (my wife and i both have a login) sucks on a mac.  i load up the library in itunes for example (yes the location is in a shared directory) and import the 3700 songs.  my wife logs in and even though itunes is configured to look at the same folder, it sees no songs.  i'm learning that itunes/iphoto aren't really configured to "monitor" those directories...but just rather it is a config of where to place things on import.  double sigh.  i know media center doesn't have this problem because it *monitors* file types and adds them, giving you a constantly dynamic library.  that coupled with an xbox 360 gives me a great system.  and i think a high wife-acceptance-factor (waf).  now if i can just convince the cfo...

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