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a colleague recently showed me the latest edition of wired magazine (something i used to subscribe to but don't anymore just because i'm more "online").  after getting past the cover, peter showed me the article where was featured and interviewed.

first, i think that is pretty rewarding for the team [for the record i'm not on that team...i wonder if they have an opening for field reporters :-)].  i know that jeff and others team members work hard on channel 9 and reaching out to the community, bringing transparency to microsoft, etc.

SIDEBAR: What is Channel 9?
You can take a look on for what it is and how it is evolving, but here it is in a nutshell (from my words).  Ever fly on United airlines?  Ever plug in your headphones and listen to the airplane audio?  If not, do it and turn to channel 9 -- you'll hear the cockpit, conversations with air traffic control, etc...a view from the inside.  There's the genesis...bringing you a cockpit view from Microsoft...and thus for Microsoft.

This has spawned other communities for a "prosumer" crowd (read: probably not as propellerheady as you/me) called .  This has some great stories/content as well that you might want to look at.

i thought one of the funniest things was the photographs in the article (by the way, wired has the article online if you aren't a subscriber).  i particularly liked this one:

Jeff Sandquist

i'm picturing some captions:

    • "i didn't say that, ballmer did."
    • "not that there's anything wrong with that"
    • "i'm not sure i can tell you since we're not under NDA"
    • "whoa, wait a minute, that was scoble, not me"

i know that scoble will (and is) talking about his contributions to , and i think there is some credit to be given here, but it is always a team effort of enablement, management support, production, etc, etc...so great job team and let's keep the raw conversations coming.

i've recently been armed with some new audio/video equipment and am planning on bringing some field (read: not-in-redmond) perspectives to the channel 9 content arena if charles/rory/jeff allow me to.  look for podaudiocast content, video interviews and some other good stuff.

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