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i was reading some stuff today that pointed to a report on top 20 sites (as reported by alexa) and their downtime.  the report can be viewed here.  it reminded me of a post i made long ago defining what "five 9's" meant in downtime...to put it in perspective, here's my analysis of the report as defined by "9's":

SiteDowntime% Uptime
yahoo.com 0m 100%
google.com 7m 99.999%
myspace.com 1h 99.989%
msn.com 2h 45m 99.969%
ebay.com 6m 99.999%
youtube.com 4h 44m 99.946%
facebook.com 25m 99.995%
wikipedia.org 2h 23m 99.973%
craigslist.org 1h 9m 99.987%
live.com 1h 48m 99.979%
amazon.com 21m 99.996%
blogger.com 4h 47m 99.945%
go.com 8m 99.998%
aol.com 3m 99.999%
microsoft.com 13m 99.998%
cnn.com 22m 99.996%
comcast.net 3m 99.999%
imdb.com 29m 99.994%
flickr.com 30m 99.994%
photobucket.com 1h 23m 99.984%

this is only in "9-speak" nothing else...i'm not attempting to analyze the data anymore than put it in a different perspective.  quite frankly, we don't know the stories behind some downtime...it could be that youtube took their site down to do a cleansing of copyright material...which might be a good reason to have downtime...but again, no analysis here.

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