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one thing that i really have been liking about microsoft over the past year is the teams that have been listening to feedback.  here's one case in point.

Expression Blend

previously it was discussed (i'm not sure if was even officially 'announced' or not announced, but there was some discussion at best) that the expression tools (, , , and ) would not be available to premium visual studio subscribers (also known as 'msdn subscriptions').  this caused quite a bit of uproar in the community (and candidly i'll share with you that the uproar internally was ten-fold).  microsoft embarking on this designer/developer story, talking about separation yet cohesiveness via , etc.  you can see where the arguments came from of such a toolset not being made available to purchasers of the premium developer tool suites.

well, alas, feedback taken.  much like similar feedback changes, microsoft listened...and reacted.  so today, we see that the expression blend and web tools *will* be available to all premium subscribers of msdn/visual studio.  this is great news!  feedback listened to and changed!  great work community on proving the value of such decisions.

what does this mean?

    • expression blend and expression web will be made available to msdn premium subscribers
    • expression studio will be made available to team suite w/msdn premium subscribers

see the announcements here and here.

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