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so while waiting for a replacement hard drive in my local office (i received an event log telling me "your hard disk driver has reported imminent failure...do not save anything more to this hard disk" -- yikes), i was working on some silverlight 1.1 cross-platforms stuff...i decided to fire up itunes to listen to some ambient tunage.  lo and behold two "shared libraries" popped up (i was on a public wifi connection).  sweet, i took a look and started lurking...mtabar had the broadest selection, from 2-pac, to my all time favorite band, black sabbath (the original, not the current).

i double-clicked and started streaming right away...nice.  nothing like a little 'war pigs' to get your day going.

thanks mtabar whomever you are that is likely somewhere in downtown phoenix using the same public wifi i am!

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