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okay, are you coming off of a high of MIX (or the information surrounding it)?  i know i am, heck i've seen a lot of the stuff and i was still amazed at things that i saw.  there are some great designers and developers building fantastic user experiences with windows presentation foundation (wpf) and silverlight...i was impressed.

if you are like me and searching for the best way to get a leg up on this technology and the tools, you're probably hunting around for the opportunity to learn some more.  there is currently an expression blend tour that is coming across the country (US) starting May 29.  it is only $175 to attend for a 2-day training course where you will learn:

    • expression design and blend training
    • xaml
    • vector drawing and transformations
    • end-to-end design activities
    • controls and layouts in blend
    • triggers and animations
    • media integration
    • data binding
    • custom windows
    • working with visual studio and blend together
    • end-to-end WPF solution scenario of a retail store implementation

it should be a great opportunity to learn...the shows are coming up quick with las vegas being the first followed by san francisco.  see the schedule and register here...reserve your seat now!

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