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people are saying guy kawasaki is behind this latest site.  while i'm starting to see less value in twitter, when i opened up i shook my head.  it certainly looks/acts/feels like a twitter-ish type application...and the content surely has parity with twitter posts...here's a sample of some of the "rumors" posted:

    • "Jello wrestling for Charity?  Yes, it happens."
    • "the iphone gives you herpes"
    • "hey mark, give me a call later and we'll get dinner"
    • "the truemors homepage is easy to spam."
    • "Guy Kawasaki started this up? must be losing touch with reality."
    • "I heard that this site is going to fail miserably."

i'm leaning toward the last one...i just don't get it -- another place for everyone to post a random, meaningless, post of nonsense?


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