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so it's not really #137, but it sounded better than #1 and i didn't want to set myself up for a complete list, so my mental brain told me pick a number...(it's been a long morning)

a while back i read chris' travel tips/realizations (here and here)...a few of which i've adopted.  while on another trip with a while back, we were chatting about hotels and such and i had been woken up earlier than desired because of the light coming in through the window.  i was commenting on how no matter how much i try to close the drapes, i never seem to be able to get that one little sliver of light to disappear (you should know that i prefer total darkness for bedrooms...i've tried to convince my wife to black out our windows, but she hasn't gone for it yet).

woody told me about one of his tricks.  he reminded me that most hotels (unless you are staying at the homestead suites in redmond, which i recommend you don't) have closets that have pants hangers -- you know the ones with the clips.

you see where i'm going don't you...

woody's tip was using those clip hangars as, well, clips and hold the drapes shut -- maybe one will work, but two definitely.  i'm proud to report i had a chance to use this tip this weekend in portland.  boom.

thanks woody. (and chris)

oh, and my new favorite travel snack?  Quaker Chewy Lowfat Cinnamon Sugar granola bar -- yummy -- and only 90 calories (i guess that means i can eat ten of them?)

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