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one of my homies just posted a note about winning an xbox through blogging.  what?! surely you couldn't be serious...ah but he is.

now you might consider it shameless promotion of events, and you'd be right, but there is a purpose here.  often times when we (as those field geeks with funny position titles) organize events there is certain targets that we are trying to meet (read: the people who pay for the events want to make sure they can direct some things).  if it were up to us, we'd always make everything free and always invite everyone.  but utopia doesn't exist.  so what we normally do is ensure that we establish some rules with the powers that be that at a certain point we can start inviting everyone to partake.

this is one such scenario.  you see, there are these web experience events happening around the nation (US).  the last one in new york apparently had some allegations that people said we were trying to "hide" the event.  okay, no more hiding :-) (we weren't really hiding).  so here goes.  there are more events happening.  denver and los angeles still have availability.  if you can go, you should.  if you can't, you can still win an xbox.

see kirk's post for more details.

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