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UPDATE: okay, so i dug a little deeper, it looks like these are implementing on a windows form host, so your mileage may vary.  getting interaction with other silverlight DOM/canvas objects might be tricky...

well, i have to admit that i only spent about the last 2 minutes looking at these, so this might be an irresponsible post :-), but what i saw was impressive.

netikatech just announced on their site that they are releasing 40 controls for for free!  the product, called "GOA Winforms" describes itself as an implementation of the standard System.Windows.Form class library for rich internet controls...these controls include:

    • Control, ContainerControl, ScrollableControl, Panel
    • Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, GroupBox, Label
    • TextBox, NumericUpDown
    • ImageBox, ImageList
    • ScrollBar, HScrollBar, VScrollBar
    • Form, MessageBox, Cursor
    • ListBox, CheckedListBox
    • ComboBox
    • TreeView
    • MonthCalendar
    • TabControl, Splitter
    • ToolTip, ProgressBar, Timer
    • ToolStrip, StatusStrip, MenuStrip, ToolStripButton, ToolStripComboBox, ToolStripDropDown, ToolStripLabel, ToolStripProgressBar, ToolStripSeparator, ToolStripSplitButton, ToolStripTextBox
    • XamlCanvas (Silverlight specific)

i'm in the process of installing right now (you must have visual studio 2008 beta 1 to install :-( ), but you can get them by downloading here.

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