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the other day i wrote about the social networks my wife has setup/belongs to.  i mentioned the 'qcbay' sales aspect of one of them.  i'll say that i'm an avid ebay user and occiasional craigslist lurker...but this time i decided to try out the wife network system of QCBay.

i had an imac i wanted to sell (powerpc one).  my wife walked me through the instructions (read:rules) of listing something in her network...i did it under her name of course.  look at the timestamps on the mail.

the first (10:01am is my message sent to the network).  the second (10:12am) is the sale.  well, to be fair, the third (10:34am) is the final approval of the sale.  the second note was a message of 'does it burn DVDs? if so, i'll take it' so i'm counting that as the sale.

holy crap -- 11 minutes to a sale of a reasonably priced item (meaning it wasn't cheap).  i wonder if craigslist can beat that.  i was shocked.  i was actually on the phone when i put in the email and also noticed a bunch of call waiting calls popping in from my wife's friends...i discounted them as just chatter.  however, after checking the messages, in the first 15 minutes of the email, 3 others had called and wanted to buy it.  impressive, qcbay, impressive.

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