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just came across this little project from the makers of camtasia, .  they call their project .  it's essentially a 'let me take a video/snapshot of what i'm doing and instantly share it with you' tool.  sure we have us nerdos who know how to do these things already with alt+prtsc, winsnap, snagit, camtasia, etc.  but could this be a tool for the rest of us (or even for the alphas).  it's simple, fast and does exactly what it says it does.  check out the screencast on their blog for a quick demonstration (love the background music).

pretty cool project from the team at techsmith.  i was able to quickly get it installed and get it running.  it requires an accound on screencast.com, but my experience even enabled me to quickly create one without having to go to the website!  well done!

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