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i'm at the first office developer conference microsoft is putting on this week at the mothership...

there are a lot of people here (or at least more than i expected) -- organizers are estimating around 800 attendees in total...and from 45 different countries...that should tell you the depth that office system development has gained.

i thought i'd give somewhat of a review of what i'm seeing in general...for specifics on some sessions, check out jamesa's blog -- he's been writing about individual sessions...i won't be doing that.

conference location:
awesome -- my first visit to the conference center...it is cool and well thought out.

great...mariott + free high speed internet = ability to get stuff done

sessions day 1:
well, not so positive things to say for me here...i decided to look at the sharepoint track since that's where i'm working most of these days.  most of the sessions are rehashes of PDC, TechEd, etc....same old stuff for me...nothing new...and no talk of “vnext” capabilities...that's a bit disappointing.  it is interesting, however, to see that people across the spectrum are facing the same challenges in sharepoint that we all face -- and it's good to hear that we are all approaching them from similar tactics.

ms company store:
um, been there done that...i walked in -- saw all the same stuff i didn't need and walked out...they didn't have the new notebook wireless mice in stock, which was the only thing i was looking for really.

look more for day 2 later...

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